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Businesses often require documents in another language, such as the English to Finnish company brochure translation that Tomedes recently completed.

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English to Finnish Company Brochure Translation

June 03, 2014

Operating globally means that businesses often require documents in more than one language, such as the English to Finnish company brochure translation that Tomedes recently completed. 

This was an extensive job, consisting of over 30 pages of dense text relating to corporate governance. Thankfully, Tomedes’ strategy of maintaining a bank of more than 5,000 professional translators means that we always have the perfect person for every job. For this translation, we turned to our leading Finnish business translator based in Helsinki. 

Within just six days, our translator had produced the Finnish version of the brochure, which she passed on to our desktop publishing team. They ensured the final copy matched the format and layout of the original file provided by the client, while our professional proofreading staff completed their usual round of quality assurance checks

The client was thrilled with the quality of the translation. She had been clear how important the accuracy of the document was and was pleased to discover that Tomedes always uses human translators and never machines, so that our translations are always flawless. She was also pleased with how fast we had completed the job, which enabled her to provide the company brochure to her Finnish team ahead of schedule. 


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