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Last week Tomedes completed the Hebrew to English translation of a company brochure for a company based in Israel and looking to expand its services.

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Hebrew to English Company Brochure Translation

June 05, 2014

Last week Tomedes completed the Hebrew to English translation of a company brochure, on behalf of a company based in Israel that was looking to expand its services by reaching out to new markets. Business and marketing documents, such as websites and brochures, are the means by which companies tell the world about their services and thus it is important that translated versions of them are word-perfect. 

Tomedes specializes in flawless translations at competitive prices. We always use human translators to work on our documents, as machine translation isn’t accurate enough to meet our exacting standards. 

For this customer, we assigned our best business and marketing translator based in Sunderland. His specialist career background ensured he was the perfect person to take on a job of this importance. Our translator had completed the company brochure after four days, when it was passed to our professional proofreading and desktop publishing teams. Between them they carried out our strict quality assurance checks before presenting the translated version of the brochure in the same attractive design layout as the original Hebrew version. 

Two days later, we were able to provide the client with his flawlessly translated company brochure. He was thrilled to receive such a fast service for such a competitive price and is already putting his brochure to good use in reaching out to new markets.


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