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The global business environment was responsible for the client who recently asked Tomedes to undertake an English to Russian product catalog translation.

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English to Russian Product Catalog Translation

June 20, 2014

The modern global business environment demands that companies reach as many customers and in as many languages as possible, hence the English to Russian product catalog translation recently completed by Tomedes. 

The Russian market is extensive, with some 150 million native speakers around the globe. A business that reaches out to this market opens its customer base up hugely, which is why a new client recently approached Tomedes via our website chat service to discuss the translation of their product catalog from English to Russian. 

After the client explained his needs, we quoted an extremely competitive price for the translation, which the client was only too pleased to accept. We then assigned our leading Moscow-based translator to undertake the work. Tomedes always uses professional human translators as computerized translation services are simply not good enough to meet our exacting standards. 

Our translator got to work straight away and completed the entire catalog translation within just two weeks. She then handed the catalog over to our team of proofreaders for our usual round of quality assurance checks, after which it was sent over to the client. Like so many Tomedes customers, he was impressed to receive the flawless translation within such a short period of time.  

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