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A company�'s contact with customers needs to be perfect, hence the Hebrew to English business letter translation recently undertaken by Tomedes.

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Hebrew to English Business Letter Translation

June 23, 2014

A company’s first contact with potential customers needs to be perfect, as the client that approached Tomedes for Hebrew to English business letter and business email translation was well aware.

The client was keen to reach out to new audiences with his online business and had already used Tomedes’ global network of translators to undertake the translation of his product catalog and company brochure from Hebrew to English. Following the successful conclusion of those pieces of work, he sent us a business letter and business email to translate, so that he could reach out to new English-speaking customers in their own language. 

Our top business translator based in Hounslow took on this translation, having worked with the client before and thus being familiar with his style and content. He got to work immediately, translating the documents into flawless English, well within the client’s deadline. 

The client was just as pleased as he had been with the previous documents that we translated for him. He has already sent out the perfectly translated business letters and emails, and is about to present his website to Tomedes for a translation quote. Naturally we will price the job using the same competitive rates that have made us so popular with clients around the world.


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