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Certified translation is key to any translation service, such as the English to Russian certified legal translation that Tomedes completed recently.

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English to Russian Legal Translation

June 12, 2014

Certified translation is an essential part of any professional translation service, as demonstrated by the English to Russian certified legal translation that Tomedes recently completed. 

Legal translations are required for a wide range of reasons, from witness statements to insurance documents. Therefore Tomedes has built up a network of more than 5,000 professional translators around the world, meaning that we can provide legal translation services for almost all language pairings

One of our leading legal translators based in Sochi undertook this particular translation, getting to work straight away. As with all types of translation that Tomedes undertakes, we only ever use human translators to work on legal documents. Machine translation is simply not advanced enough to be able to produce the flawless translations that our professionals produce.  

The translated document was completed within three days of the client first sending the original version to us. In fact, the speed of our translation service is one of the reasons that this client has been a loyal repeat customer for such a long time – along with the competitive cost of our service, of course. With this job, as with the others we have undertaken for him, the client was thoroughly satisfied with our outstanding service. 


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