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Russian Patent Translation Services

December 14, 2014

A new client that contacted Tomedes the other day wished to have some Russian patents translated, and she emphasized the importance of having an accurate translation.

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Portuguese Medical Translation Services

December 11, 2014

A client called Tomedes 24/7 contact number the other day with an urgent enquiry: Portuguese to English medical documents translation.

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Business Translation Services by our Skilled Arabic Translators

December 09, 2014

A client who wished to make a business presentation to an international audience asked Tomedes to assist in the translation of her presentation.

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Albanian Business Translation

December 08, 2014

The client emphasized that it was important to accurately translate and localize the key points of each different product.

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Best Quality Business Translation by our Team of Expert Translators

December 04, 2014

This client works for a large business in the construction industry, and on this occasion she was required to produce an international report for global distribution.

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Indonesian Business Translation Services

December 01, 2014

The other day, an ongoing client got in touch with Tomedes to request that some internal correspondence be translated into English.

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Medical Translation Services by our Portuguese Translators

December 01, 2014

a client in the healthcare profession recently contacted Tomedes to get a quotation for the translation of a confidential document.

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Financial Translation Services by our Skilled Translators

November 27, 2014

Tomedes offers financial translation services as one of its specialties and has extensive experience in dealing with financial translations.

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French Legal Translation

November 26, 2014

A legal firm who required a highly accurate French legal document translation contacted Tomedes to discuss a quote.

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Russian Thesis Translation by our Expert Translators

November 23, 2014

A Russian academic who wished to have one of his academic papers translated into English contacted Tomedes a short while ago.

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