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The highest degree of accuracy is required, as mistakes in the presentation translations might cost the company the custom of potential clients.

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English presentation translation for a construction firm

May 20, 2015

A new client contacted us recently, requesting an English translation of some important presentations. The client works for a construction firm that specializes in performing health and safety checks on new constructions, and the presentations were intended to be for an audience of potential customers for the company. 

Needless to say, the client was very eager to ensure that the translations would be completed to the highest degree of accuracy, as mistakes in the presentation translations might cost the company the custom of potential clients. 

Jerry (one of our account managers) responded to the client within the hour. Jerry explained that our translation company only selects the most able and competent translators to work on client documentation, and that we expect our translators to have native speaking ability in the target language and direct experience in the same field of work as the client. 

These measures satisfied the client, who was happy to commission the translation. The exceptional value of Jerry’s quotation for the project also made the client glad that he chose our translation company for his English translation. 

Jerry assigned Amy to translate the client’s presentations, and Amy’s familiarity with the construction industry enabled her to quickly and accurately translate technical terminology particular to that sector. 

The completed presentation translations were returned to the client, who was very grateful for our professional translation service. He made sure to thank both Jerry and Amy, and we certainly hope to hear from him again in the future. 



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