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The games featured various elements that required professional translation: instructions for the games� mechanics, the games� user interfaces etc.

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A professional Android game translation into numerous target languages

June 07, 2015

Working with mobile developers is always interesting, and on this occasion were  approached by a small development team who wanted to make use of our translation service. The developers are based in Kent, UK, and run a small company that makes Android games. The developers wanted their Android games to be playable by a larger audience, and translating them into other languages would go a long way to achieving that goal. Specifically, the developers wanted their Android app translation to include Spanish, Russian, Japanese, Italian, French and simplified Chinese localizations – a tall order indeed, but one that Tomedes is more than capable of managing.

The games featured various elements that required professional translation: instructions for the games’ mechanics, the games’ user interfaces, and a number of achievements and objectives for the player to fulfill. Our project manager was tasked with overseeing the accurate translation of each of these elements, and ensuring that our native-speaking translators’ work would be professionally coordinated as well as accurately translated. 

After suitable translators were found, the translation project began. As each of our translators returned their completed translation, our project manager was able to organize each language version of the Android game and return them to the developers in a single email. 

The developers were pleased with the quality of our translators’ work, and thought that the price of our translation service provided exceptional value for money. The developers mentioned that they’d be back in touch when they required translations for new Android games.

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