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A quick English to Korean Android app translation

June 04, 2015

As part of our company's ongoing partnership with Google to help localise Play Store apps, we began working on a new Android app translation. The Android app was designed to communicate with a larger suite of web-based customer relationship management (CRM) software, and it allowed users to make use of the CRM software whilst out and about. The developers of the CRM software envisioned a CRM solution that was scalable to different sized businesses and available to a broad range of users spread across the globe. 

The developers are based in Colorado, U.S., and To help fulfil their vision we began a quick translation of the Android app from English into Korean. The Android app translation contained many different elements, including a complete translation of the user interface, support documentation and promotional material sent to users via email and in-app updates. 

The translator we assigned to the task is situated in Seoul, Korea, and he has often collaborated with us on Android and iOS app translations in the past. This experience has endowed him with the technical ability and efficiency to produce a quick, accurate translation, and past clients have commented on the professional quality of his finished work. 

When the Android app translation was completed, the developers thanked our project manager and professional translator. No doubt we’ll be working with these developers again in the future as we assist them in expanding the global reach of their Android app.

We have also downloaded the translated app and made sure the Korean translation has been embedded preperly through the app.

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