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An English translation of Russian medical reports

May 26, 2015

Tomedes often deals with jobs that require a professional translator able to handle complex information. For example, a new client form California, US contacted Tomedes with the hope to form an ongoing working relationship. The client works for a company that provides independent medical case review and utilization management services. The company places a strong emphasis on the timeliness of their service, and thus required a translation company that was able to provide fast translations.

The client sent two Russian medical reports to Tomedes’ team, and a translation price quote with a guaranteed quick translation was sent to the client for consideration. Satisfied with this, the client gave the go-ahead for the project to begin.

The Client also stipulated that if Tomedes’ translators were to work on the document, then they’d need to have a good medical vocabulary. Tomedes always matches translators with relevant experience to client documents, and in this case the chosen translator was educated in medicine to degree level. Residing in Washington, US, Tomedes’ native-speaking English translator was equipped to handle the client’s Russian medical report translation with skill and speed.

The first page of each medical report was the same, so the client only wanted the first page of each report translating once. And the clinical information on the preceding pages was adjacent to administrative information that wasn’t of importance for the client — so at the client’s request, the translator was happy to leave the administrative details untranslated, allowing for a quicker turnaround time and a reduced cost.

The client received the translated medical reports back within the agreed timeframe. And because he was happy with the quality and speed of the transaltion, he sent further documents for Tomedes to work on.


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