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An Android smart device app translation service from English into multiple languages

May 27, 2015

At Tomedes, we’re frequently tasked with translating mobile apps into other languages. In fact, we even have a partnership with Google, which allows us to provide officially endorsed professional human translations for Google Play Store apps. For example, the other day we began working on a new Android app that was submitted to the Play Store.

The app in question was aimed at business users who frequently read and edit PDF, Word and other popular document formats on their phone or tablet. The app was able to collect and save a number of business documents from a host of different cloud storage providers. The app’s main selling point was that it allowed users to create and save a digital copy of their signature, and then quickly and easily paste it into the document that they’re working on. This saved the reader having to draw a new signature each time, or import a file of a saved digital signature from another location.

We have a large number of professional translators who are familiar with translating smartphone Android apps, and in this case multiple translations were required to translate the app. Our project manager was able to coordinate four different translators simultaneously, resulting in accurate Malay, Italian, Korean and Indonesian translations of the English target text.

The developers were delighted with how quick the translation was completed, as they expected that translating into multiple languages would take longer than normal. However, with good project management, our staff were able to provide a quick and efficient translation service for the developers, and secured their future custom.


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