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Business Translation by our Expert French Translators

October 29, 2014

A regular client recently asked Tomedes to undertake an English to French product label translation for her artisan food item business.

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Business Translation Services by our Network of Experts

October 22, 2014

This was an interesting project for Tomedes, as the presentation contained both technical information and some elements of marketing jargon.

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Arabic HR Translation services

October 21, 2014

Teams working across international borders need to have a good understanding of differences in culture, as these can impact on everything in the workplace.

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Swedish Translation Services by our Professional Business Translators

September 26, 2014

A new client recently asked Tomedes to undertake a lengthy English to Swedish business translation on behalf of his company.

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Technical Translation Services by our Highly Skilled Translators

September 24, 2014

The demand for IT translations, such as the English to Spanish IT translation undertaken by Tomedes last week, is growing rapidly.

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Fast Certificate Translation Service

September 19, 2014

Romance takes many forms, even paperwork, such as the Turkish to English marriage certificate translation completed by Tomedes recently.

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Chinese Translation Services by our Team of Professional Translators

September 16, 2014

Some products are so good that their sale can�'t be limited to just one country, hence the English to Chinese advertising translation that Tomedes completed.

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Professional Hebrew Translation Services

September 12, 2014

A new client recently approached Tomedes for a Hebrew to English thesis translation, so that he could speak to a college in the US about further study.

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Fast and Accurate Legal Translation Services by our Expert Dutch Translators

September 12, 2014

Tomedes recently undertook a Danish to English real estate translation for an apartment rental contract on behalf of a new client.

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Italian Manufacturing Translation Services

September 12, 2014

Automotive translation, such as the English to Italian automotive translation completed by Tomedes last week, is highly technical.

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