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Our client requested a Japanese translation of his team's business cards, ensuring that his Japanese contacts would be impressed upon meeting.

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A quick, Japanese business card translation

July 13, 2015

When dealing with international clients, companies who send representatives to meet face-to-face with new clients often pull out all the stops to make an excellent first impression. When it comes to effective networking, there’s no better way to say that you consider your contacts’ needs than by presenting them with your business cards in their native language.

At Tomedes, we’re used to dealing with business card translation requests from a variety of different, influential businesses. Our professional translators translate business cards with the same level of care and accuracy as larger documents, ensuring that you’ll leave a lasting impression.

For instance, we were approached by a new client who was traveling to Japan with his team of legal experts. The client and his team worked for a property firm in Arizona, U.S., and specialised in handling law-related matters for their company. Our client requested a translation of his team’s business cards, ensuring that by providing business cards in their native tongue, our client’s Japanese partners would be impressed by his company’s attention to detail and consideration.

There were only three business cards to translate, which made it possible for our translator to return the completed business card translation to the client within the hour! This quick service greatly impressed the client, who thanked our professional translator for his efficient work.

If you need your business cards translating too, why not get in touch with someone from our team? We’re always pleased to help.

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