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Our client requested a Russian translation of a short document that outlined a new selection of parts his company was manufacturing.

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An accurate Russian engineering translation

July 30, 2015

Engineering translations usually feature a host of technical terminology and complex details that only those in that specific sector can understand. As such, it can often be hard to find a suitable translator to work on an engineering translation. At Tomedes, we’re happy to work with a range of professional translators who have detailed experience in the engineering sector.

For example, were were contacted by an client who requested that we provide a Russian translation of a short document that outlined a new selection of parts that our client’s company was manufacturing. Whilst short in length, the document was highly complex, and required the attention of an experienced, accurate translator.

We assigned one of our leading engineering translators to the project, and thanks to our professional translator’s expertise and experience she was able to produce an accurate Russian translation within a short amount of time. The document was intended to be presented to factories that would be manufacturing the parts detailed in the document in the near future, and so it was imperative that an accurate translation was produced.

When the client received the completed Russian translation, he was pleased by the accuracy of the translation, and commended our translator for her professional work. We hope our client’s manufacturing process goes smoothly, and we’re happy to have played a part in bringing the parts to market.

If you have a technical engineering document too, why not consider getting in contact to see how our translators could help you?

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