A fast Spanish translation for a law firm

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A fast Spanish translation for a law firm

July 20, 2015

By Ofer Tirosh

At Tomedes, we deal with a broad selection of clients from different professional backgrounds and with different translation needs. For our legal translation clients, we often translate extensive documents, single letters and sometimes even the bare minimum of written text: a single sentence! Whatever the length of your legal translation, our professional and experienced translators are happy to provide their expertise.

For example, we were contacted by one of our ongoing legal clients from California, U.S., who simply wanted a single sentence translating into Spanish. This sentence was intended to be used on the client’s website as a key clause in their service’s terms and conditions. And whilst the text to be translated was very short, translating it accurately was extremely important as a miss-translation could result in inaccurately representing our client!

Thanks to the large amount of legal translators who work for our agency, we were able to find a willing and able translator within minutes. This translator was used to producing meticulous legal translations, and so translating this single sentence didn’t take him long to complete. In fact, the length of time between our client first making contact and then receiving the completed Spanish translation was less than one hour — a fast translation indeed! 

Our client thanked our professional legal translator, expressing interest in working together with him again in the future.

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