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A magazine editor wanted to send us content on an ongoing basis, but to begin with, he requested that we perform a single article translation.

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A professional translation for a Hebrew magazine

July 31, 2015

Whilst traditional magazines are quickly becoming replaced by online content, magazines for specific sectors are still circulated regularly. And for magazines that have an international audience, it’s necessary for editors to translate their magazine into other languages.

Recently, our translation company was contacted by the editor of a niche magazine that’s widely read within the construction industry. The magazine details recent breakthroughs in construction-related technology, and contains various other articles of interest to that sector. The editor wanted to send our translation agency content on an ongoing basis, but to begin with, he requested that we perform a single document translation from Hebrew to English to give him an idea of our translators’ aptitude.

The document in question was an article detailing a new construction tool that pioneered a safer way to drill large holes in an industrial setting. The article featured lots of technical terminology related to the construction industry, and so an accurate translation was dependant on a skilled and experienced translator.

At Tomedes, we have a large pool of human translators to draw from, each possessing specific skills and experience. The translator chosen for this job resided in Colorado, U.S., and drew on his knowledge of construction-related terminology to provide a quick and accurate English translation.

The editor was impressed by the work our professional translator submitted, and the editor went on to commission a full translation of an upcoming issue of his magazine. We hope this turns out to be the start of a fruitful partnership for all parties.

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