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Tomedes' patent translation services allow you to protect your intellectual property in every language and every country.

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Our Patent Translation Services help brands and organizations achieve their global objectives. We provide scalable and guaranteed solutions that are delivered on-time by our team of experts.


Secure Patent Translation Services


Tomedes patent translation services are secure and confidential. All our employees and contractors are bound by non-disclosure agreements to ensure that your sensitive documents remain protected at the highest levels of information security.

Patent Translation Services of All Types

Tomedes patent translation services are provided by expert translators trained in the language of intellectual property law in diverse jurisdictions, covering all types of patents.


Utility Patent


A utility patent covers new or improved and useful products, processes, or machines. Tomedes patent translation services are provided by translators with expertise in this specialization in diverse domains and various jurisdictions around the world.

Provisional Patent


A provisional patent allows the early filing of a legal document in the United States Patent and Trademark Office to establish priority. Tomedes patent translation services are provided by expert linguists who understand this type of document for diverse domains and jurisdictions.

Design Patent


A design patent relates to the ornamental design of a functional item in a specific industry. Tomedes patent translation services are provided by expert linguists with experience in this and all other types of legal document to protect your intellectual property rights.

Plant Patent


A plant patent relates to legal protection for new and unique horticultural products. Tomedes patent translation services are provided by linguists with experience in horticulture, able to describe your innovation to protect your intellectual property rights in all jurisdictions.

Other Supported Patent Types


Tomedes patent translation services cover every type of patent and trademark application. Our trained and certified translators have the legal training and certification to deliver accurate and exacting translation which ensure acceptance in all jurisdictions.


The Patent Translation Process


The Tomedes patent translation process is painstaking in its adherence to best practices to ensure accuracy and confidentiality.


Secure Project Management

Tomedes patent translation begins with secure project management. Your project is assigned to a personal management team and linguists, all bound contractually with NDAs.


Translation Process

This same strict legal commitment to information security and confidentiality is applied to every step of the patent translation process to guarantee that your documents remain private.



Linguistic quality assurance is provided by the application of linguistic quality analysis to measure and certify the accuracy of each patent translation.


Legal Analysis

Linguistic analysis is supplemented with legal analysis by experts trained in intellectual property law and practice in diverse jurisdictions around the world.


Secure Delivery

From submission to delivery and in every communication in between, Tomedes patent translation teams and our technology ensure that your documents remain secure and private.


Looking for Patent Translation Services?

If you require patent translation services in any language, Tomedes will respond immediately to your inquiries. Just tell us about your needs and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

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Patent Translation Services for Every Language


Popular Languages


Japan is an important country in the world of innovation and Tomedes has diverse experience in Japanese patent translation.


China is an industrial powerhouse and intellectual property issues are many. Tomedes has rich experience in Chinese patent translation.


Scientists and innovators from France are ingenious in their patentable ideas. Tomedes bring deep expertise in French patent translation.



Russia is an important player in global science and industry. Tomedes commands expert resources in Russian patent translation.


Korea is one of the rising Asian tigers, and intellectual property protection is important. Tomedes offers linguistic expertise in Korean patent translation.


More Supported Languages

Tomedes supports translations to and from more than 100 languages, covering virtually every language in use in the scientific and industrial world. Whichever language pairs you require to protect your valuable intellectual property, we can hand-pick the patent translation team that’s right for you.

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