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Japanese Business Translation

August 10, 2016

A new client recently approached Tomedes with a request for an urgent translation job: the translation of his business cards to Japanese

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French Resume And CV Translation Services

August 07, 2016

A client was looking for work in France but struggling with the French CV translation required. We were delighted to be able to help

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Fast and Accurate Legal Translation Services by our Professional Spanish Translators

August 03, 2016

Tomedes recently provided a client with a legal translator to assist with Spanish to English translation as part of a court case

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Fast and Accurate German Translation Servicesby our Medical Translators

July 31, 2016

Tomedes recently helped a client with his German to English medical translation, impressing him with our accuracy and value for money

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Hebrew Business Translation

July 27, 2016

A client needed a business letter translated to help her organise an event for her company.

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Polish Birth Certificate Translation

July 24, 2016

Tomedes recently undertook the Polish to English translation of a birth certificate for a client who required certified translation

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Birth Certificate Translation

July 20, 2016

A recent Tomedes client requested the translation of a batch of historical family papers from Icelandic to English, to understand her background

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Fast and Accurate Marketing Translation by our Expert German Translators

July 17, 2016

A regular client challenged the Tomedes team with a marketing document that needed translating from English to German in under 24 hours

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Arabic Document Translation Services by our Business Translators

July 13, 2016

Foreign direct investment creates links between economies and professional translation supports this process, as a recent Tomedes client discovered

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Korean Technical Translation

July 06, 2016

Translation agency Tomedes undertakes technical translation for clients around the world. Most recently: Korean to English translation of a product information leaflet

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