Russian to English birth certificate translation

A recent client asked Tomedes to provide Russian translation for a number of family documents, including birth, marriage and death certificates.

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Professional certificate translation

June 18, 2017

Over the past century, the wide availability of cheap air travel and the internet have had a dramatic impact on the way that we view migration. Moving to another country – either for a short period for work or as part of a more permanent move – is no longer the big deal that once it was. However, such moves can bring about linguistic difficulties for those undertaking them, as well as their descendants. 

This was precisely the case for a recent client, who asked Tomedes to provide Russian translation for a number of family documents. The client was a second generation immigrant who now had children of his own. His Russian language skills were never strong and had faded a great deal in his later years. This meant that he was struggling with a genealogical project that he wanted to undertake. 

Birth certificate translation, family tree translation, marriage and divorce certificate translation and even death certificate translation was involved for this project. Many of the documents were hand-written and faded, but our expert Russian translator was not phased. She got to work in her usual efficient style and provided flawless translations of each and every document, all for a fantastic translation price. 

The client was thrilled with the service provided by our translation company. The careful, systematic translation of the vast batch of family documents from Russian to English meant that he could finally carry out the genealogical project he had been planning for so long, providing him with an understanding of his heritage like never before. 

Tomedes provides professional translation services for a wide range of documents and language pairings. Whether you have a simple translation request or a complex project, we will be delighted to help. 

Please contact us for more details. You can also obtain an instant quote from our website to get an immediate idea of the translation rate for your project. 

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