Swedish to English marriage certificate translation

A new client asked Tomedes for the certified translation of his marriage certificate from Swedish to English.

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Superb Swedish Translation

July 16, 2017

Moving and settling overseas usually involves going through various paperwork processes with different agencies, from government and financial institutions to banks, schools and more. When the move is to a country that speaks another language, there is often a requirement for personal documents to be professionally translated. 

This was precisely the case for a recent Tomedes client, who had moved from Sweden to England. He approached our translation company looking for his marriage certificate to be translated from Swedish to English. 

Certificate translation is often essential for those working and living overseas. Personal papers such as birth certificates and marriage certificates are required for a range of purposes and it is a good idea to get all such documents translated in advance, so that they are to hand when needed. 

This client approached Tomedes through our website, using our instant quote feature to obtain a translation rate before speaking with one of our team via our live chat service. He was delighted with the price quoted and asked us to proceed with the translation after a quick chat with our staff. 

For Swedish to English translation, we use our leading Swedish translator in London. This talented individual is practiced at reading even the most scrawled of hand-written certificates, making him the ideal person for this particular job. 

As the translated marriage certificate was required by a government body, the client also asked for a certificate of translation. This was no problem at all – we can provide certified translation services for documents of all shapes and sizes, in order to confirm the accuracy of the translated version. 

The client was delighted to receive such a quick and responsive service, which helped him to move forward quickly with sorting out his official documentation as part of his move. 

If you have a document that you need translated, don’t delay, contact Tomedes today. 

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