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English to Chinese Audio Translation Service

September 18, 2019

A Tomedes translation agency client needed a long audio translation from English to Chinese. The professional translation service was delighted to help.

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Japanese Marketing Translation

September 15, 2019

A new client recently asked translation and localization service Tomedes to undertake a marketing translation for his company, translating English to Japanese

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Professional website localization by Tomedes

September 04, 2019

A new client contacted Tomedes to talk about the translation and localization of her company website from English to German

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Portuguese Marketing Translation

August 29, 2019

Recently, we helped a client translate his marketing documents from English to Portuguese.

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Professional video translation by Tomedes

August 28, 2019

A recent Tomedes client produced a video showcasing their product. Now they needed it translated from English to Chinese.

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Professional Spanish translation from Tomedes

August 25, 2019

A recent Tomedes client needed an educational certificate translated as part of his plans to go to university in Spain.

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Trustworthy legal translation from Tomedes

August 21, 2019

For a recent client, Tomedes needed to provide certified Chinese legal translation services in a hurry.

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Portuguese Technical Translation

August 18, 2019

For a recent Tomedes client, his need for Portuguese translation resulted from a business connection that he had made in Brazil.

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Swift, accurate website translation from Tomedes

August 14, 2019

We offer a range of other language services to our clients, including the proofreading services of which our most recent client was in need.

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Medical translation services by Tomedes

August 11, 2019

A recent Tomedes client asked us to translate a lengthy medical guide from English to Spanish.

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