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Tomedes is renowned worldwide as a premier provider of Ukrainian interpretation solutions, catering to businesses, organizations, and private clients facing linguistic challenges in various sectors. Our network of Ukrainian interpreters brings extensive industry experience to deliver accurate and high-quality interpretations for virtual events, training sessions, and confidential meetings. Our recent project highlights our expertise as the preferred partner for organizations needing interpretation support from English to Ukrainian for workplace training and critical communication, particularly in fields requiring technical and subject-matter proficiency.

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Simultaneous Ukrainian Interpretation for Workplace Training

May 29, 2024

Our Client

Company Name: B. H. Company (Pseudonym)

What does the company do?

Food production and manufacturing

Timeframe of the Interpretation: 2 hours for each training session that lasted a month

What do they need?

B.H. Company, a prominent leader in food production and manufacturing, is dedicated to innovatively developing products that benefit infants and children. They approached us for our expertise in simultaneous interpretation to facilitate their online workplace training sessions, interpreting the discussions from English to Ukrainian. Their goal was to ensure their Ukrainian-speaking employees could fully comprehend and engage with the training content, with a particular emphasis on Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) and food safety protocols.

The Challenges

Although the simultaneous interpretation session from English to Ukrainian lasted only two hours, we still encountered several significant challenges: First, the need for accurate and immediate interpretation during live training sessions posed a considerable challenge. Any delays or inaccuracies could disrupt the training flow and hinder understanding. Second, ensuring seamless integration of the interpretation service with the virtual training platform required thorough technical preparation and coordination with our client's IT team. Thirdly, the interpreter needed specialized knowledge of food safety regulations and GMPs to convey the technical content of the training sessions accurately.

We successfully addressed these challenges thanks to two key factors. First, our extensive global network of Ukrainian interpreters and language support team, who possess deep knowledge of the terminologies used in food and product management. Second, our commitment to delivering top-notch service for our interpretation solutions motivates us to facilitate seamless interactions, ensuring the event runs smoothly from start to finish.

Why Tomedes?

Thousands of businesses trust Tomedes for Ukrainian translation and interpretation solutions due to our expertise in delivering fast and high-quality language support for industries that require subject-matter mastery of technical nuances. With over twenty years of experience in the language industry, our global network of certified Ukrainian interpreters is trained to ensure that simultaneous interpretations accurately convey the intended message.

For virtual meetings and events, Tomedes excels in providing interpretation sessions via Zoom. We conduct comprehensive technical checks and coordinate closely with the client's IT team to ensure seamless integration of our interpretation solutions with the virtual event platform.

The Solution

First, we assigned a highly skilled interpreter with extensive knowledge of food safety regulations and GMPs to handle the simultaneous translation. This ensured that the training content was communicated accurately and effectively.

Second, before the training sessions, we performed thorough technical checks and set up the necessary equipment to facilitate smooth and uninterrupted interpretation during the live sessions.

Lastly, Tomedes provided flexible scheduling options to accommodate our client's multiple training sessions over a two-month period, ensuring that the interpretation services were available when needed.

The Result

Our client was pleased by the outcome of the sessions because their Ukrainian-speaking employees were able to fully understand and engage with the training sessions, leading to improved knowledge retention and application of GMPs and food safety protocols. Through technical preparation and coordination, we ensured that the interpretation sessions were seamlessly integrated into the virtual training platform, providing a smooth and uninterrupted experience.

Based on our correspondence with our client, they informed us that they look forward to working with us again for future events such as the one we facilitated in this project.


Tomedes' successful collaboration with our client underscores the vital importance of high-quality interpretations in enhancing workplace training for multilingual employees. By delivering expert simultaneous English-to-Ukrainian interpretation, Tomedes ensured clear communication and comprehension, significantly boosting the effectiveness of the client’s training sessions.

For businesses seeking a precise and professional simultaneous interpretation from English to Ukrainian, Tomedes provides tailored solutions to meet your specific requirements. Contact us today to discover how we can support your multilingual communication needs.

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