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Tomedes is globally recognized as a leading provider of technical manual translation services, serving businesses, organizations, and private clients across diverse sectors. Our recent project with an energy-saving tech company highlights our expertise in translating technical manuals and critical documents from English to Norwegian, particularly in fields requiring technical proficiency.

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High-Quality Norwegian Technical Manual Translation for Tech Company

June 05, 2024

Our Client

Company name: Energy Saver (Pseudonym)

What does the company do?

Manufacturing Energy-Saving Technology

Deadline set by the client: Within 2 months

What do they need?

Our client is renowned for creating energy-saving technology across different countries. One of the countries that they've recently expanded into is Norway. Because of this, they decided to translate their technical manual and other critical documents from English to Norwegian, text within images, requiring high precision and clarity.

The Challenges

Despite having ample time to complete our Norwegian translations for technical manuals and documents, we faced several significant challenges. First, we needed to ensure the translation maintained the technical terminology and clarity of the original manual. Second, extracting and translating text embedded within images added complexity to the project. Third, we had to meet the client's high standards for quality and accuracy, with a preference for human translation over machine translation.

We successfully addressed these challenges thanks to two key factors: first, our global network of Norwegian translators specialized in technical translations allowed us to work with multiple highly trained individuals, ensuring the job was completed before the set deadline. Second, our commitment to rigorous quality control throughout the translation process ensured the creation of accurate and high-quality technical translations.

Why Tomedes?

With over two decades of experience in the language industry, Tomedes is the go-to company for specialized translation and language solutions for businesses worldwide. Our technical translation solutions have earned us a reputation for delivering fast, high-quality translations across multiple languages.

We assign native speakers with industry-specific expertise to ensure precise and accurate translations. Multiple rounds of proofreading and quality checks guarantee error-free, high-quality results. Additionally, Tomedes offers customized translation options, including human translation and machine translation post-editing, to meet our clients' diverse needs and budgets.

The Solution

First, to protect the client's proprietary information, Tomedes promptly signed a confidentiality agreement. This step ensured that all sensitive data and documents remained secure throughout the translation process. By establishing this agreement at the outset, we demonstrated our commitment to maintaining the highest standards of confidentiality and client trust, a crucial factor for clients handling sensitive technical documentation.

Second, Tomedes assigned a professional translator who possessed both technical expertise and native proficiency in Norwegian. This ensured that the translation was not only linguistically accurate but also technically precise, maintaining the integrity of the original manual. The translator's deep understanding of technical terminology and industry-specific language nuances was vital in producing a high-quality translation that met the client's stringent standards.

Lastly, recognizing the complexity of translating text embedded within images, Tomedes utilized advanced tools to extract and translate this text. This approach ensured that all content, whether in the main body of the manual or within images, was consistently translated. By employing cutting-edge technology, we were able to handle the intricate details of the project efficiently, guaranteeing that the final product was comprehensive and cohesive.

The Result

The project was completed ahead of the two-month deadline, showcasing our efficiency and reliability. Our client was highly impressed with the swift completion of the task.

After evaluating the output, they expressed satisfaction with the translation's quality and accuracy, noting that it met their high standards. They also conveyed their eagerness to collaborate with us on future projects.


Tomedes successfully translated Energy Saver's technical manual and documents from English to Norwegian, ensuring high quality and accuracy. The project showcased our ability to handle complex technical translations, providing tailored solutions that meet our client's specific needs.

Are you looking for a reliable Norwegian technical translation provider? Look no further because our team at Tomedes is here to deliver precise, high-quality translations tailored to your needs. Get in touch with us today to learn how we can assist with your technical documentation and ensure your message is accurately conveyed across languages.

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