Ensuring Legal Compliance in Spain Through Expert Translations

Tomedes is renowned worldwide as a premier provider of Spanish legal translation solutions, catering to businesses, organizations, and private clients navigating linguistic challenges in the legal sector. Our recent project with DS Incorporation highlights our expertise as the preferred partner for organizations needing precise and culturally relevant translations from English to Spanish for legal documents, such as contracts and agreements. This collaboration underscores Tomedes' commitment to supporting global businesses in achieving legal compliance and operational success in the Spanish market.

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Ensuring Legal Compliance in Spain Through Expert Translations

June 07, 2024

Our client

Company name: "DS Incorporation" (Pseudonym)

What does the company do?

DS Incorporation is a leading advisor on consumer behavior analytics.

Deadline set by the client: 4 days

What do they need?

Our client required the translation of contracts and legal documents from English to Spanish/ We needed to ensure that these documents were not only culturally relevant but also legally compliant with Spain's legal system.

The challenges

While translating numerous legal documents, we faced several challenges: first, the project demanded precise translations of complex legal terms and conditions, ensuring that no meaning was lost across different languages. Second, it was essential to adapt the translations to be culturally relevant and appropriate for each target language and region. Third, the translations needed to be completed promptly to align with our client's business timeline without compromising quality.

Two key factors enabled us to successfully translate these legal documents from English to Spanish: first, our global network of Spanish translators specialized in law ensured that every word in the documents was translated accurately, maintaining high quality and compliance with Spain's legal system. Second, our ISO-certified processes guaranteed consistency and reliability throughout the translation project.

The importance of translating legal documents for the Spanish market

Legal document translations are critical for global businesses to ensure compliance and maintain clear, accurate communication across different regions. Here are three key reasons why these translations are essential, particularly when expanding into the Spanish market:

1. Ensuring legal compliance

Accurate translations of legal documents, like contract templates, are crucial to ensure all parties understand their rights and obligations. Misinterpretations can lead to legal disputes and non-compliance with local laws. When expanding into the Spanish market, it's essential that all legal documents comply with Spain's legal system, including specific legal terminology and regulations that only precise translations can convey accurately.

2. Maintaining business integrity

Precise legal translations ensure the integrity of business agreements, preventing misunderstandings that could harm partnerships or cause financial losses. In the Spanish market, clear communication of all legal terms in Spanish fosters trust and reliability.

Spanish-speaking partners, clients, and stakeholders must feel confident that the translated documents accurately reflect the original terms, which is essential for building and maintaining strong business relationships in Spain.

3. Facilitating global operations

For companies operating in multiple countries, translating legal documents into local languages is essential for smooth operations. In the Spanish market, this means translating contracts and agreements into Spanish to improve communication with local stakeholders and comply with regional legal requirements. Proper translations help companies integrate seamlessly into the Spanish market, ensuring effective governance and alignment with local laws and norms.

Expanding into the Spanish market requires more than just linguistic translation; it necessitates a deep understanding of Spain's legal landscape and cultural nuances. Legal document translations by experts who are well-versed in Spanish law ensure that global businesses can operate smoothly and compliantly, thereby supporting their growth and success in the Spanish-speaking world.

Why Tomedes?

With over two decades of experience in providing Spanish legal translations to over 95,000 business and private clients worldwide, it's no wonder why Tomedes is globally trusted and considered by many their go-to translation provider. We employ a team of professional translators specializing in legal documents, ensuring accurate and compliant translations.

We provide legal translations not only between English and Spanish but also in over 150 other languages, ensuring cultural relevance and regional appropriateness in each case. Our approach prioritizes clear communication and collaboration with clients, offering regular updates, and incorporating feedback throughout the translation process to deliver precise and reliable results.

The solution

First, Tomedes began the project with detailed discussions to understand our client's specific needs and expectations for the Spanish market. This phase involved setting clear project specifications and timelines to ensure alignment with the client's goals and deadlines.

Second, a team of expert legal translators, proficient in Spanish and familiar with Spain's legal system, was assigned to the project. Tomedes ensured that these translators had in-depth knowledge of Spain's legal terminology and regulations to provide accurate and compliant translations.

Lastly, the project used a combination of human translation and machine translation post-editing to maximize efficiency and accuracy. Rigorous quality checks, including proofreading by native Spanish-speaking legal experts, ensured the translations met high standards of accuracy and compliance with Spain's legal requirements.

The result

Our client was highly satisfied with the speed of our contract and legal document translations. Upon evaluating the translated documents, they were impressed by the precision, legal accuracy, and cultural relevance of the translations.

Based on our recent conversations, they will soon utilize their translated legal documents for business applications and other operational needs in Spain. They look forward to collaborating with us on future projects as they plan to expand into additional countries later this year.


The collaboration between Tomedes and DS Incorporation demonstrates the importance of accurate and culturally aware legal document translations in global business operations. Tomedes' expertise in legal translations, combined with a client-focused approach and efficient project management, ensured that our client's contracts and legal documents were effectively translated into Spanish.

For businesses seeking reliable and high-quality Spanish legal translations, Tomedes offers expert solutions tailored to meet the demands of global operations. Contact us today to discuss how we can assist with your multilingual translation needs.

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