Seamless French Interpretations for an NGO’s Climate Change Workshop

Tomedes is renowned worldwide as a premier provider of French interpretation solutions, catering to businesses, organizations, and private clients facing linguistic challenges in various sectors. Our network of French interpreters brings extensive industry experience to deliver accurate and high-quality interpretations for virtual events, conferences, and confidential meetings. This 90-minute project underscores our expertise as the preferred partner for organizations and individuals needing interpretation support from English to French and vice versa for international workshops and strategic planning sessions.

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French Interpretations for an NGO’s Workshop

May 28, 2024

Our Client

Company name: Green Advocates (Pseudonym)

What does the company do?

Non-Government Organization (NGO)

Timeframe of the Interpretation: 1 hour and 30 minutes

What do they need?

Green Advocates is an NGO dedicated to climate advocacy and human rights. They needed a skilled interpretation solution for a virtual workshop to facilitate real-time communication between English and French-speaking participants, ensuring effective collaboration on a critical campaign. 

The Challenges

Although the Zoom interpretation session lasted only a few hours, we faced several significant challenges: Firstly, it was crucial to ensure seamless communication between English and French-speaking participants in a fast-paced virtual environment to guarantee the workshop's success. Secondly, conducting a flawless interpretation on the Zoom platform required a thorough pre-event technology check to prevent any technical issues. Lastly, managing interpretation during breakout sessions was particularly challenging, as simultaneous interpretation was not feasible in these smaller groups, necessitating a switch to consecutive interpretation.

We successfully overcame these challenges for two key reasons. First, our extensive global network of French interpreters allowed us to adapt to the specific needs of the project with exceptional flexibility. Second, our steadfast dedication to delivering top-notch service ensured meticulous management of every detail, from technical equipment and Zoom platform setup to facilitating seamless interactions with the French interpreters, ensuring the event ran smoothly from start to finish.

Why Tomedes?

With nearly two decades of experience in providing language solutions to both private and business clients, Tomedes is a leading provider of French translation and interpretation solutions, ensuring accuracy and quality in every project. As an innovative and dedicated player in the language industry, we offer comprehensive language solutions for French, English, and over 150 other languages, catering to specialized industries such as law, medicine, and technology.

Our commitment ensures that we meet the unique needs and preferences of each client throughout the process. Our interpreters are proficient in using various virtual platforms, guaranteeing smooth technical execution during events, which is particularly crucial for online workshops, conferences, and confidential meetings. Tomedes interpreters are also trained to handle unexpected challenges, such as switching from simultaneous to consecutive interpretation when necessary, ensuring uninterrupted communication.

The Solution

Firstly, Tomedes provided the interpreters with the workshop agenda and relevant background materials to ensure they were well-prepared for the specific topics to be discussed.

Secondly, we ensured that our interpreters logged in 15 minutes before the event to perform a technology check, ensuring they were ready for seamless interpretation on the Zoom platform. This proactive step helped prevent any technical issues that could disrupt the interpretation process.

Lastly, During the event, our interpreters managed the transition from simultaneous to consecutive interpretation in breakout sessions, maintaining effective communication throughout the workshop. This flexibility was key to addressing the challenges posed by the workshop's structure.

The Result

Our client was extremely pleased with the outcome of the 90-minute French interpretation session for their Zoom meeting. They highlighted the smooth communication during the main sessions and the effective handling of breakout sessions, which significantly contributed to the event's overall success.

In our last conversation, they expressed gratitude for our support, noting that the workshop achieved its objectives, with participants effectively discussing and planning the campaign on fossil fuels and human rights. They look forward to collaborating with us on more projects in the future.


Virtual interpretation solutions were critical for this multilingual workshop, Our experienced interpreters ensured that language barriers did not impede meaningful dialogue and collaboration on pressing environmental issues.

For organizations aiming to bridge language gaps in their international events, Tomedes provides comprehensive French interpretation solutions tailored to your specific needs. Contact us today to discover how our expertise can ensure the success of your next multilingual event.

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