German MTPE Solutions for Multimedia Company's Expansion

NewsLink is a prominent news and media service provider, recognized for its extensive reach and influence. With a reputation for delivering timely and relevant news, NewsLink sought expert translations to cater to their German-speaking audience. The company required precise and efficient translation of multimedia content from English to German to meet tight publication schedules.

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Expert German MTPE Solutions for Multimedia Company's Market Expansion

June 18, 2024

Our client

Company name: NewsLink (Pseudonym)

What does the company do?

NewsLink is a leading news and media service provider.

Deadline set by the client: 3 days

What do they need?

Our client needed accurate and timely translations of multi-media from English to German, with a focus on news and media service-specific terminology and tight turnaround times to meet their publication schedules.

The challenges

We were given three days to finish this project. However, we encountered a couple of challenges and we will discuss them, as follows:

First, the translation required the translations to be completed within extremely short timeframes to meet their publication schedules. Second, the documents included technical jargon and industry-specific terminology that needed precise translation. Third, ensuring the translations were consistent and accurate across multiple documents was critical to maintaining the client's brand voice and message.

Two key factors contributed to our successful translation of multimedia content from English to German. First, we contacted one of our German translators from our broad global network, which specializes in translating multimedia content. Second, our client decided to have their content translated through machine translation post-editing (MTPE) by one of our human translators. Third, we made sure that the project undergoes meticulous quality assurance to guarantee accuracy and cultural relevance.  

Why Tomedes?

For over two decades, Tomedes has been a leading provider of German translations for thousands of business and private clients worldwide. Our team of professional translators, with expertise in the media industry, ensures accurate translations of complex content.

In addition to German and English, we offer translation support in other 150 languages. With a network of more than 20,000 native translators, we can easily collaborate with language professionals specialized in various industries, including multimedia, law, and medicine. This extensive network allows us to provide services for rare languages and unique language pairs.

Our proven track record of successfully handling tight deadlines and complex projects has made us a reliable choice for our clients. Tomedes offers round-the-clock support, ensuring that any client queries or additional requests are promptly addressed.

The solution

Tomedes implemented a strategic approach to tackle our client's challenges:

  1. Dedicated Team: We assigned a team of expert translators and proofreaders specialized in media content, ensuring a focused and efficient workflow. This team was carefully selected based on their experience and expertise in the media industry.

  2. Rigorous Quality Assurance: Multiple rounds of proofreading and reviews were conducted to ensure high accuracy and consistency. Our meticulous quality assurance processes guarantee that the translations meet the precise standards required by NewsLink.

  3. Effective Communication: We maintained clear and continuous communication with our client throughout the project. Regular updates on progress and open channels for addressing any concerns helped ensure alignment with client expectations and fostered a collaborative partnership.

The result

We completed the translation of NewsLink's English documents into German ahead of the deadline. The client was impressed with the accuracy and consistency of the translations, which effectively conveyed their intended messages while maintaining their brand voice.

In our latest email correspondence, our client shared that the translated content has already been published and has seen higher engagement from the German market over the past few days. They expressed their enthusiasm for collaborating on more projects like this in the future.


Tomedes' expertise in providing accurate and timely English to German translations for the media industry was showcased in our successful handling of NewsLink's project. By assigning a dedicated team, implementing rigorous quality assurance processes, and maintaining effective communication, we ensured high client satisfaction.

Looking for a reliable German MTPE provider? Tomedes got you covered. Our team merges advanced technology with the expertise of our German translators to provide quick and accurate translations. Contact us today to discuss how we can support your multilingual translation needs.

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