Professional Voice Over Services

Need a voice for your production? Tomedes can select from thousands of professional voice actors in our community to give you the exact sort of engaging and captivating voice services you need.

Your Trusted Voice Over

Tomedes has fourteen years of experience working with businesses worldwide to provide multilingual language services both written and voiced. We offer a one-stop shop for voice over services, from scriptwriting to voicing to your exact specs for gender, age, and dialect.

High Quality Voice Overs


Tomedes maintains a pool of thousands of professional voice over artists to choose from, all categorized in our talent base and hand-picked according to client requirements.

Just let us know exactly what you need, and we’ll deliver the perfect match for your voice over requirements.


Why Choose Our Voice Over Services?

High Quality Audio Files

Tomedes is known for our technological knowledge about all media, language and communications. That expertise extends to the execution of voice over service and to production standards for the HD audio files which we produce. You can count on consistent high definition production delivered on schedule in the file formats of your choice.

Post-Production Enhancements

The Tomedes commitment to quality only begins with the recording of your voice over in state of the art studios with top of the line equipment. Our sound engineers go to work in post to clean noise, cut any extraneous sounds, editing and enhancing your recording to achieve perfect pitch and fidelity, impeccably consistent and crisp.

Personal Voice Talent Pool

Tomedes commits to give our clients a broad range of choices in voice over artists. Do you want a male voice or a female voice? Old or young? Do you want a specific dialect or tonality? We’ll help you select and then, once you find your favorites, we’ll ensure that you can retain the talent you prefer, including the possibility of having them work exclusively on your projects.


Use our Voice Over Services for Any Project


Video Games

Well-chosen and professionally executed voices can make or break a video game. We’ll help you select the voice actors who are best suited for your specific game and languages, then ensure a perfect result.



Tomedes has extensive experience in video and film, for business, TV and cinema productions. We provide narrators, dub voices, and promotional voice over talent for your exacting needs in dozens of languages.



Recording the HD audio files for Interactive Voice Response systems is an art form. Finding and coaching the right voice talent and professional post-production is the key to IVR success.


Learning Modules

As more and more educational material goes online, professionally executed voice over services prove to be the key to the successful production of multilingual courses, webinars, and other learning modules.


Looking to Hire a Voice Actor?

Tomedes knows from our long experience that hiring voice actors and producing professional voice overs can be daunting tasks. Our project managers make it easy for you, helping you to select from a pool of thousands of voice talents and then guiding you through the steps of recording and post-producing the audio files which you require. We guarantee your success.

Wide Selection of Multilingual Voice Over Artists

Tomedes specializes in multilingual services, so we can help you cross language barriers. We not only have access to diverse voice artists in every language you require. We also have the skills you require to translate and interpret from one language to another. We understand the nuances of intonation and dialect to ensure that your voiceover is authentic and pitch-perfect.


Voice Over Services in 120 Languages

The importance of authenticity in voicing cannot be overstated. Producing professional voice overs in the local languages of your target audiences is the key to success. With support for more than 120 languages, and a pool of thousands of voice and language specialists, we can hire voice actors in each dialect you require, enabling you to connect with each foreign market.


What Our Clients Are Saying About Us


out of 5 stars


Overall rating of 1798 reviews


"Tomedes has an extraordinary team of professionals who deliver exceptionally flawless translations in the friendliest way! They're fast, kind and fair, the pay attention to the smallest of details and are simply superior to other companies I worked with througout the years in every possible way. A pleasure to work with!"

Hadas O'Neill



"Have had a great experience with Tomedes. They provided us with efficient and good quality translations in numerous languages for various topics covering finance and technology. They also have great support, that always responds in time and find solutions for better-automated translation management."

Ulla Rone



"The service was amazing! The responsive nature of it really helped to move the project forward!"

Dan McGaw





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