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Tomedes makes the audio-to-text transcription process simple, swift and efficient. The process is strictly professional and confidential, suitable for enterprises, small businesses and individuals. Our experts deliver fast turnaround and flawless results. We match prices. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

There are many varieties of audio and video transcription. We can transcribe audio to text with 100% accuracy, providing streamlined end-to-end online business processes and solutions combining automation and human expertise. On-time delivery guaranteed.

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Our Transcription Services

Audio Transcription

  • bulletAudio transcription is the process of converting audio to text, synched to the media with a time stamp.
  • bulletExpert transcribers grasp the nuances of each word, with impeccable language comprehension, punctuation and spelling.
  • bulletChoose verbatim transcription, rendering each syllable, or instruct us to smooth the transcript so it flows as coherent,grammatically correct sentences.
  • bulletYou can opt to translate transcripts too.

Video Transcription

  • bulletVideo transcription follows a process akin to that of audio transcription, except with some additional options, such as closed captioning and subtitling. (See descriptions of these processes below.)
  • bulletOpt whether to transcribe non-verbal language, such as signs or descriptions.
  • bulletYou can also translate transcripts to additional languages.
  • bulletTranscreation adapts a transcript more creatively for optimal effect.

Video Transcription

  • bulletClosed captioning assumes an audience cannot hear the audio and needs a text description of what they would otherwise be hearing.
  • bulletThis may include interpretive information about sound effects and other atmospherics, background music and its lyrics as well as other non-speech elements.
  • bulletThis is useful for people with hearing difficulties or when a video may be watched without sound.

Audio Transcription

  • bulletWe know subtitles from movies, television shows, and videos.
  • bulletSmart TVs and Netflix gives us huge control over media language.
  • bulletSubtitles assume an audience can hear the audio but will benefit from the dialogue provided in text form as well, especially in a different language.
  • bulletWe deliver subtitles in your desired format, with time-stamps, ready for insertion into the video.
  • bulletNative-language expert transcribers grasp the nuances of each spoken word, possessing impeccable language comprehension, flawless punctuation and spelling.

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Transcribe audio and video recordings as text transcripts, subtitles and captions in over 100 languages.

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