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You've invested in creating a strong and original video. Why not increase your video's reach by using closed captions to make its content accessible cost-effectively to audiences who speak other languages, gaining traction in additional foreign-speaking markets.

Accurate Closed Captioning Services Made Easy

Closed-captioning your video content is a snap. Simply send us your files and indicate for which languages you would like to provide closed captions. We will give you a quick-turnaround quotation. Once accepted, our project manager will accompany you each step of the way. Clients are at the heart of our business philosophy.

Closed Captioning Services in over 120 Languages

Tomedes offers closed captioning in more than 120 languages and over 950 language pairs. Simply indicate which languages you require and our captioning specialists will get to work, helping you to localize your content and access additional markets around the world. Closed-captioning can be at the heart of your global content marketing strategy, enabling your multilingual videos to reach more people overseas and have more marketing impact worldwide.


Get the Most out of your Video Content with Closed Captions

If you're not closed-captioning your videos, you're leaving audiences unreached and money on the table

Improve User Engagement

Closed-captioning has an enormous impact on the watchability of your video for foreign language speakers and for video-viewing when audio is not accessible, such as in public space. Studies show that 80% of people are more likely to watch a video till the end when it has closed captions.

Expand Your Reach

Beyond the improvement in the watch time of your videos, closed-captioning expands the reach of your video in foreign language speaking markets. Studies show that your video can gain 40% more views when it has suitable closed captions. That means that new audience will be within your marketing reach.

Establish Brand Loyalty

In addition to increasing view and watch times of your videos, closed-captioning will help you retain existing audiences by providing textual reinforcement of your messaging. When audiences both see and hear content, they're more likely to internalize your message, strengthening impact and bridging language barriers, including among the hearing-impaired.

Your Captioned Videos in Any File Format

Tomedes supports videos in any standard file format and we will deliver your closed-captioned video in any format you require.

Supported File Formats

When we say any standard file format, we mean it. The closed-caption industry has sparked a lot of technological development, which is reflected in the multiplicity of software formats for captioning and subtitling. But no need to fret: even if you don't see your preferred format in this list, just contact us and our tech experts will be sure to find an efficient solution for you.

SubRip (.srt)

WebVTT (.vtt)

DFXP/TTML (.dxfp)

Scenarist (.scc)

SAMI (.sami)

MacCaption (.mcc)

Spruce Subtitle File (.STL)

Timed Text (.ttml)

DXFP (.dxfp)

Cheetah CAP (.cap)

Quicktime Subtitle (mov, m4v)

Spruce STL (.stl)

Quicktime (,txt)

W3C Timed Text/DFXP/TTML (.xml)

Quicktime Subtitle (.qt.txt)

XML (.xml)

SMPTE-TT (.xml)

EBU-TT (.xml)

iTunes Timed Text (.iTT)


Tomedes offers universal support for video platforms as well. In many cases, you simply need to send us the URL of your source and our tech wizards will take care of the rest. The same goes for output. Let us know where you want your videos to go, in which languages, and we'll assist you in ensuring that your closed-captioned products are compatible and aligned with your platforms of choice.

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