Simultaneous Interpretation in Multiple Languages

Tomedes provided simultaneous interpretation from English to French, Spanish, and Russian at a webinar to support closer international collaboration on policy matters.

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Tomedes’ Simultaneous Interpretation Supports Closer International Cooperation

June 02, 2023

International collaboration is essential for addressing important global issues. From climate change to narcotics control, global cooperation is the only true means to develop policies that are effective and impactful. Tomedes was delighted to contribute to such work recently, through the provision of simultaneous interpretation services for a webinar run by a prominent non-governmental organization (NGO). 

Challenges of Addressing Global Crises

Achieving international consensus on any matter is never easy. Apart from the most apparent roadblock - the language barrier - cultural beliefs and attitudes of each country involved are also at play. Moreover, we cannot deny that every country has its own domestic priorities that often hinder its capacity to engage with global crises. For these reasons, we owe a great deal of appreciation to NGOs around the world – for lobbying global issues and catalyzing discourse among our leaders.

For this particular campaign, Tomedes was tapped by an NGO that fosters communication between various institutions within their locale and several international organizations focused on drug and crime control policies. Understanding the social implications of this campaign, we took it upon ourselves to provide our stakeholders with every intricate detail that was presented before us. This rigorous approach lets us rest easy knowing that all concerned parties are looped in accordingly.

Why Tomedes?

Our professional flexibility stems from our constant drive to improve our management systems (ISO 9001:2015 accredited); and from the years that we have dedicated to cultivating a robust network of expert interpreters and translators. Currently, we have the benefit of taking on any project regardless of urgency, medium, scale, or niche. 

In this instance, our partner NGO entrusted us with providing French, Spanish, and Russian interpreters for a Zoom conference that they are spearheading. Numerous delegates from UN agencies attended said virtual conference. Some of the more salient points discussed were:

- placing human rights, health, and evidence at the center of all drug policies

- the critical role of civil society organizations on narcotics-related issues

- achievements and challenges within the civil society of the region

- recommendations for multilateral bodies and Member States regarding narcotics-related issues

Our company has seen a great demand for Zoom interpretation services ever since the COVID-19 pandemic. What was once necessary has now been integrated into various official proceedings.


Our Simultaneous Interpretation Process

At Tomedes, we are firm believers that there is a right way to do things. By abiding by this methodical approach, we ensure that each project we deliver is consistently excellent.

Upon receiving a request, our project managers make sure that they understand the overall scope in which our services are needed. This way we can properly align our partner’s expectations with ours. Ultimately, this allows us to better cater to whatever needs our partner could have.

Once everything has been laid out, our project managers then handpick the interpreters with the most suitable certification and expertise. Mastery of the source and target language; expertise within the niche; and a background that would allow for cultural sensitivity – an interpreter must first meet all these criteria in order to be deemed fit for a project.


More on Interpretation

There are various types of interpretation being practiced by professionals. Based on our experience, simultaneous interpretation is the most sought-after. Consecutive, whispered, relay, liaison, escort/travel, and over-the-phone interpretation – each of these has a different use case. 

In the case of simultaneous interpretation, it is ideal for events where the presenter and their audience speak different languages, with the interpreter delivering the speaker’s words in real time. Consecutive interpretation, on the other hand, is better suited to meetings, where each speaker pauses after a sentence or two, to allow the interpreter time to convey their words to those present. 

Interpretation can also be segmented according to specialization. Some interpreters, for instance, will specialize as medical interpreters, while others will interpret legal proceedings such as court cases. Given the nature of the language involved in both healthcare and legal matters, both of these forms of interpretation require extensive knowledge of specialist terminology. 


Delivering High-Quality Interpretation, Every Time

Being able to rely on the quality and seamless nature of your interpretation service is essential to planning events both online and offline. In the case of this NGO client, knowing that the interpretation service would be delivered seamlessly meant that the client was free to focus on other aspects of the webinar. Tomedes took the pain out of implementing the interpretation element of the event. 

With high quality, attentive service to rely on, plus the ability to source both interpreters and translators at short notice, the client has everything necessary to communicate effectively with a wide range of agencies and partner organizations. 

If your business could benefit from seamless interpretation services such as these, why not get in touch with the Tomedes team? 

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