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Tomedes offers interpretation services in almost every industry imaginable, for various use cases, and in different types of interpretation, in order to convey language services, from businesses to individuals, in over 120 languages and 950+ language pairs. We provide interpretation services with a 1-year guarantee, rapid delivery, and 24/7 customer support.

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Interpreting services for every use case

Whether it's medical interpreting, legal interpreting or more, interpretation services can be used for almost every industry imaginable.

Medical Interpreting

Medical interpreters are part-and-parcel of critical care, providing necessary services for those who are in need of medical communications. They are essential workers who go back-and-forth from patient to provider with interpretation services, in hospitals, in home care, in rehabilitation facilities, and in emergency situations. Medical interpreters can be the bridge between the language barrier and essential critical care.

Legal Interpreting

For the legal field, legal interpreters convey messages from a lawyer or judge to the person or entity. Legal interpreters work in courtrooms, law offices, and other legal settings. One mistake in interpretation may cost a person's life, so interpreting services are necessary for the legal field. At Tomedes, legal interpreters are well-versed in the law as well as two or more languages.

Interpreting for Businesses

During a remote webinar, or a physical conference, or a simple business meeting, interpreters for business carry the special role of a go-between from one business representative to another. They're envoys that relay messages about negotiations, deals, and more, making their role important for global businesses.

For Personal Use

Personal interpreting for small businesses or individuals can be attained at Tomedes in over 120 languages and 950+ language pairs. Personal interpreters present results in understandable terms from one language to another to their clients. Individuals who would like a personal interpreter can avail of one at Tomedes, with our 24/7 customer line always open.

Conferences and Seminars

Simultaneous or consecutive interpretation for conferences and seminars usually require more than one interpreter. Interpreting is important in relaying information of the ongoing events, the directions, the program, and the events themselves, for conferences and seminars.

Sign Language Interpretation (ASL etc.)

Sign language interpretation is important in providing services to the disabled, the deaf or the hard of hearing. Tomedes provides sign language interpreters proficient in American Sign Language and any other system of sign language interpretation.

Interpretation services the way you want it


Over the phone interpreting

Over the phone language interpretation services, or simply, phone interpretation services, is a three way communication between a speaker, a listener and an interpreter. Over the phone language interpreters will assist and provide consecutive interpreting services, whether it be for conventions, Zoom meetings, and more.


Simultaneous Interpretation

Simultaneous interpretation is a mode of interpreting that allows an interpreter to translate a speaker's words directly, without needing for the speaker to pause. As a simultaneous interpreting company, Tomedes is highly equipped to provide foreign language interpreters in over 120 languages.


Consecutive Interpretation

Consecutive interpretation is the mode of interpreting that allows the speaker and the interpreter to take turns speaking, and then translating. The professional interpreters at Tomedes have the advantage of knowing both consecutive and simultaneous interpretation, providing linguistic expertise for both types of interpretation.


Video Remote Interpreting

Video remote interpreting is a vital part of video interpretation services, and available at Tomedes. Video remote interpreting is the process of providing language or sign language interpretation over video, using video equipment in both locations. At Tomedes, video remote interpreters provide essential services to those with limited language proficiency in the source language.


On-site Interpreting

On-site interpreting services allows the interpreter to be with the speaker on the site, whether it be an event or an emergency. In contrast to telephonic interpretation services, on-site interpreting services have to interpret on the event or conference itself, which provides a live interpretation line for essential language services.


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Secure and compliant interpretation services

You can be assured that your information will always be protected and remain confidential at Tomedes. For medical interpreting, we are HIPAA-compliant. For all our interpreting services, we use NDAs for our translators and our project managers to ensure that your information remains secure. We also use end-to-end encryption in the platforms of your choice, for any interpreting service, or for sending documentation to us.

A network of professional interpreters ready to provide the service you need

TAt Tomedes, we are proud of our global pool of professional interpreters who are strategically employed to be in different time zones, so they can provide the best service possible, at any time, anywhere. We make it our mission to hire the best interpreters in the world, knowing that interpreting is a language bridge between a speaker and a listener, eliminating language barriers that may occur for those with limited skill in a target language. Our senior linguists have the training and accreditation to interpret as truly and accurately as they can. And, our account managers ensure that from the start of every project you are matched with the professional team most suited to successfully complete your interpreting and translation services.

Interpreting Available in 120 Languages and 950+ Language Pairs

You couldn't ask for more than 120 languages and 950+ language pairs from our interpreting services. If you need Russian interpretation services, Arabic interpretation services, or interpretation in any other language, just let us know. For our list of comprehensive languages, follow this link.




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