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Are you in need of notarized translation services to ensure accuracy and compliance? Tomedes is experienced in translation and notarization of documents. Through us, you can translate and certify the accuracy of your translated documents, certificates, and other documentations. We support 150+ languages, with 24/7 customer assistance.

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What are Official Notarized Translations ?

While a certified translation includes an official statement of accuracy by the translator, a notarized translation involves a notary public who attests to the translator's identity. Most commonly, a notary attests to the manifest evidence that a document has been signed in a particular place and time. The notary public are authorized to witness and certify the translated document’s adherence to the prescribed procedure. These translated documents often come in the form of: educational transcripts, diplomas, professional certificates, and other vital records issued in another language.

We deliver high quality, notarized translation services that meet the rigid requirements of any government agency or international organization. We work with the best translators to provide accurate document translations promptly anywhere in the world.

Physical and Online Notarized Translations

We provide both digital and physical notarizations based on your requirements. Both delivery methods are equally valid internationally. We work with a rich network of certified translators worldwide, accounting for whatever need you may have.

NOTE: Policies vary from one jurisdiction to another. Although we understand what needs to be done, we advise that you double check with concerned authorities to clarify the most efficient route to take.

In cases where hard copies are required to push a certified translation through, we are certain that we have a certified translator in your area. You’ll be notified (via email) as soon as our expert translator has finished processing your document/s. 

Every translated document is then turned over for you to review and approve. Once the document is free from revisions, we will push through with the notarization.

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How does it Work?

1. Identify the Need - We determine the specific translation needs of the client, including whether notarization is required, the purpose of notarization, the country of intended use, etc.


2. Gather Additional Information - This includes the following:

  • Language pair required for the translation

  • Form of authentication needed (consult with the governing body if necessary)

  • Whether the document needs to be notarized in the same country

  • Possibility of notarizing in the country where the translator is located

  • Preferred delivery method (physical address or email)

  • Specific deadline for the project


3. Project Assignment - We draft the most qualified translators for your project, based on all the information we’ve gathered. Final assignment is given to a translator if they can cater to the client’s timeline.


4. Translation Process and Review - Perform the translation, ensuring accuracy and completeness. If certification is required, the translator or translation company representative signs a statement attesting to the accuracy of the translation.


5. Notarization -  If notarization is required, follow the specific requirements provided by the client. It may involve working with local notaries in the country of use or the country where the translator is located, based on the client's preferences.


6. Delivery - Deliver the notarized and/or certified translation to the client in the preferred format (soft copy via email or physical copy to an address) as per the agreed deadline. 


**Delivery fees apply for physical copies.

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Our Fast Notarized Translation Services

Expert Native Translators

Our team comprises expert native translators, each proficient in their respective language pair. These language experts ensure that the notarized translation of your document aligns with local nuances and regulations.

Complete and Accurate

Offering certified notarized translation services, we ensure a complete and accurate translation that adheres to legal standards, making our service reliable and trustworthy.

150+ Supported Languages

With 150+ supported languages, our translation and notary services provide comprehensive solutions for diverse linguistic needs, ensuring global reach and accessibility.

24/7 Customer Support

Our 24/7 customer support guarantees immediate assistance for notarized English translation inquiries, ensuring timely responses and satisfaction for all our clients' needs.

We Translate and Notarize any Document

At Tomedes, we understand the diverse needs of our clients and provide notarized translation solutions for a wide variety of official documents. Whether personal or professional, our expertise ensures accuracy, confidentiality, and compliance with legal requirements. Here are some of the more popular documents we work on:

We are here to answer any of your concerns.

Our dedicated customer support is always ready to address any questions you may have. Reach out and get the answer you need in 15 minutes or less.



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