Tips for Better Translation Workflow Management in 2022

CATEGORY / Business translation


Read these top tips to level up your translation workflow today.

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Zoom for Telehealth

CATEGORY / Business translation


Are you considering using Zoom to deliver telehealth or telemedicine services? If so, read on!

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The Best Localization Tools

CATEGORY / Business translation


Are you looking for localization tools? Then check out our guide to the best on the market!

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Business Process Outsourcing and its Advantages

CATEGORY / Business translation


Which services can businesses outsource effectively and what are the advantages of them doing so?

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Why You Need to Localize to Win Over the Indian Market

CATEGORY / Business translation


Are you planning to do business in India? Then read this first!

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What to do when a client makes a translation worse by 'fixing' it

CATEGORY / Business translation


Has a client ever tried to 'fix' a document you've translated and made it worse in the process? We've taken a look at why this happens and what to do.

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