Introducing Tomedes Redefines the Future of AI Content Generation

July 4, 2023
Introducing Tomedes Redefines the Future of AI Content Generation

As a global leader in translation and localization solutions, Tomedes is thrilled to announce the launch of, a streamless online platform that harnesses the power of advanced AI combined with professional expertise. Developed by Tomedes’ AI Division, represents the culmination of the company’s two decades of dedication and commitment to providing innovative solutions that cater to customers’ evolving needs.

ChatGPT and other AI generative technologies are disrupting the global market and society as it has become quicker to create content than ever before. However, despite how advanced technology has evolved, AI-generated content still has issues requiring humans to oversee the content creation process. Anticipating the demand for post-editing services for AI-generated content, Tomedes decided to establish a new platform to accommodate their customers’ needs. 

What are the Services of 

Tomedes aims to set itself apart through, offering human-in-the-loop and expert-in-the-loop services, integrating human excellence with cutting-edge AI technologies. This unique combination ensures the content is accurate, humanized, and refined, meeting the highest standards. compounds the efficiency of AI with the accuracy and credibility that only expert humans can bring to the table. Some the more notable services include:

  1. Human-in-the-Loop — As mentioned, most (if not all) AI-generated content needs to be examined and edited by humans before they can be fit for publishing. Through this service, you can comfortably publish any AI generated content; knowing that your article has been fact-checked, edited, evaluated, and polished for any intended purpose.

  1. Expert-in-the-Loop — A more specialized version of the service mentioned above, this provides expert insights and analysis on any domain-specific article – whether it be for law, medicine, engineering, or finance. Through, skilled experts from different industries can ensure that your article upholds industry standards.

From AI software generating content to post-editing and conducting quality assurance, is a one-stop-shop for any business seeking fast-delivery content that doesn't compromise quality. With Eye2.AI, every client is guaranteed with content that is engaging, captivating, and valuable. Knowing full well that this is an emerging practice, our dedicated customer support is always available to provide any potential partner with detailed transparent quotes.


On More Notable Industries and their Pain Points

The efficiency of AI content generation has definitely made a mark on many various industries. AI's role in drafting everything from marketing emails to educational materials becomes increasingly valuable; moreso, as we better learn to properly utilize AI. But then again, AI as a tool stands to provide us with drafts and nothing more.

The following are industries that notably benefit from AI-generated content. With the aid of experts, parties operating within these industries can deliver timely and potent content. 

  1. Content Creation and Marketing Agencies — Even though AI has greatly advanced, the marketing content often generated lacks a cohesive thought and fails to capture a company’s branding. With, we work with traditional and digital marketing experts to ensure your business’s branding and message will effectively reach your target audience. 

  1. E-commerce and Retail — Although generative AI can quickly set up a website and build an e-commerce platform for your business, it still lacks the “human qualities” in copywriting that establish trust with your customers. The site will ensure that every word written, from product descriptions to e-commerce service pages, will faithfully capture your brand identity and effectively build a relationship with your clients.

  1. Technology and Software Companies — The tech and software industry can often contain highly-technical jargon and phrases that only field experts will understand, and generative AI tends to hallucinate information and provide false data. assures the content, like technical manuals and scientific papers, is accurate and useable to those in the sector. 

  1. Publishing and Media — Publishing and media companies handle several types of content, often uploading it as quickly as possible. Generative AI has the potential to alleviate the workload of these companies. seeks to ensure that all AI-generated content has been thoroughly evaluated and is ready for its audience. 

  1. Education and E-Learning — Stakeholders within this industry grapple with challenges in maintaining pedagogical consistency, providing nuanced explanations, and fostering engaging learning experiences. guarantees instructors that the data, facts, and analysis presented are accurate and effective teaching materials. 


Final Thoughts represents Tomedes' step toward being part of the AI industry. By combining advanced AI technology with human expertise, ensures the accuracy and refinement of generated content in their post-editing services through examining, fact-checking, and editing to meet client requirements. 

Will AI technology replace humans? The launching of shows that despite the advancement of technology, human creativity, and intuition will still be needed in any field. The new technology shouldn't be feared but embraced as part of a constantly changing world. Generative AI is an exciting innovation in the field with vast potential for businesses and content creators. 

By Clarriza Heruela

Clarriza Mae Heruela graduated from the University of the Philippines Mindanao with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English, majoring in Creative Writing. Her experience from growing up in a multilingually diverse household has influenced her career and writing style. She is still exploring her writing path and is always on the lookout for interesting topics that pique her interest.



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