Three Things We Can Learn from the Qatar World Cup 2022
Three Things We Can Learn from the Qatar World Cup 2022

CATEGORY / Freelancing


A look back on an interpreter’s involvement in a global football tournament and the priceless lessons she learned about language and sports from her experience.

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Professional Translation and Interpretation Equipment for Translators

CATEGORY / Freelancing


Do you have the translation and interpretation equipment you need to perform at your best? Click to find out.

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How Do I Find Remote Work Using My Language Skills?

CATEGORY / Freelancing


Finding remote work using your language skills can be financially and emotionally rewarding. Get started with our guide to finding remote work.

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How to Get Started in Content Writing

CATEGORY / Freelancing


Would you like to be a content writer? Then read on – our guide covers everything you need to know.

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Career Guide: Getting Started with Voice Acting

CATEGORY / Freelancing


Would you like a career as a voice actor? If so, read on to discover how to get started.

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The Top Translation Certification Courses Translators Should Take

CATEGORY / Freelancing


Are you a translator looking to improve your skills and employability? Then click to find out about the best translation certifications!

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Best Free Video Editing Software – 2019 Review

CATEGORY / Freelancing


Here's a review of the best video editing software for 2019.

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How to Become a Certified Translator

CATEGORY / Freelancing


Do you want to become a certified translator? Let's look at what's involved!

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How to Maintain a Healthy Work-Life Balance as a Translator
How to Maintain a Healthy Work-Life Balance as a Translator - Illustration

CATEGORY / Freelancing


Is your working life out of sync with your personal life? Read our top tips for rebalancing!

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How to Get Out of Student Loan Debt with Freelancing

CATEGORY / Freelancing


Are you looking for an alternative to student loan debt? Freelancing might just be the solution!

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