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Tomedes provides expert witness statement translations for international law professionals in 150+ languages. With precision and trust, we connect courts and legal professionals worldwide. Discover our specialized offerings today.

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Witness Statement Translation in International Legal Proceedings

Legal translation is a specialist skill and one that is frequently required in relation to court cases. One element of legal translation is witness statement translation, which is required where an individual has provided evidence in a language different to that in which the case is being considered. 


Witness statement translation is essential in instances where an individual is required to give evidence in a foreign country and does not speak that country’s language well enough to express themselves as well as they could in their native language.


Courts and Legal Professionals Worldwide Trust Tomedes

Tomedes offers support to court services globally, assisting both solicitors and individuals in strengthening their cases with our legal translation services, notably witness statement translation. Each of our translations can be accompanied by a certificate to attest to its accuracy and authenticity, a frequent requirement for witness statement translations. Recognizing the prolonged duration some cases might take to reach court, we also provide a one-year guarantee for every translation we deliver.

Witness statement translation demands unparalleled precision. Due to its crucial role in legal proceedings, it must be impeccable every time. Indeed, in some instances, the quality of a witness statement translation can tip the balance in a judge or jury's final decision.

ISO Certified Translation Services

Tomedes is certified by the ISO for three relevant certifications of ISO 17100:2015, ISO 9001:2015, and ISO 18587:2017. This is evidenced by the quality of our work, which assure that you will get the best legal translation service for every need.

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ISO 9001:2015Quality Management Systems

ISO 17100:2015Translation Services Quality

ISO 18587:2017Post-editing Machine Translation Output

Need to Translate a Witness Statement? Reach Out Now

Our vast network of translators operates 24/7 and covers a wide range of language pairings, so whatever your translation needs may be, we are here to help. Contact us today for further details of our witness statement translation service or any other legal translation service that you may require.

Why Choose Tomedes’ Witness Statement Translation Service


Witness statements often serve as legal evidence. To ensure court acceptance, Tomedes employs sworn translators to validate each translation's authenticity and adherence to legal standards.



Tomedes prioritizes precision. With meticulous attention to detail, we guarantee that each translated witness statement faithfully and accurately mirrors its original content.


At Tomedes, we understand the sensitivity of legal documents. Your witness statements are safeguarded with utmost confidentiality, ensuring your legal matters remain private and secure.

Fast Delivery

Recognizing the time-sensitivity of legal affairs, Tomedes is committed to prompt deliveries, ensuring your translated witness statements arrive without compromising on quality or accuracy.

Translate your Witness’ Statement into English and More

We provide broad translation coverage for witness statements into English and several major languages. Trust Tomedes to guarantee that the diverse linguistic needs of global legal proceedings are met. We regularly translate to and from the following languages:

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Beyond Witness Statements: Tomedes’ Comprehensive Services

At Tomedes, we translate more than just witness statements. We cover a broad spectrum of legal documents, guaranteeing clarity and understanding for every case across languages.

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