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Depositions play a critical role in legal proceedings that involve multiple languages and cultures. Inaccurate translations can result in misunderstandings, misinterpretations, or even false testimonies, which can have serious legal consequences. At Tomedes, our native certified translators have the legal expertise that each translation is done correctly and accurately. Check-in on your project anytime with our dedicated customer support.

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Certified Deposition Translation: Accurate Accounts for 950+ Language Pairs

Deposition translations are necessary in legal proceedings where the testimony of a witness or party is recorded in a language other than the official language of a court. Moreover, such translations may be required especially when testimonies are recorded outside of the courtroom, such as in a lawyer's office or another location. This can include civil cases, personal injury cases, and medical malpractice cases, among many others.


Given the significance of every deposition, it is important that your translation partner provides you with an accurate translation so that legal proceedings may be carried out suitably. At Tomedes, we provide certified deposition translation services that are accurate and reliable. Our certified translations are recognized by government agencies, educational institutions, and other official entities. With us, you can rest easy knowing that your document is valid and accurate.

We Translate Depositions Across the Globe

Professional Native Translators

Our professional translators are fluent in over 120 languages and knowledgeable with colloquial jargons that may be present in any document.

Guaranteed Acceptance

Our certified deposition translations come with a guarantee of acceptance by government agencies and other official entities, so you can be sure your translation is reliable and accurate.

Fast Turnaround Times

Need your deposition translated urgently? At Tomedes, we offer fast turnaround times to meet your deadlines. On average, we finish projects within 24-48 hours (even on holidays).

24/7 Customer Support

We provide 24/7 customer support (even on holidays) to answer any questions or concerns you may have about your deposition translation.

Other Auxiliary Documents We Translate

In addition to depositions, various auxiliary documents may require translation to facilitate cross-border legal proceedings and compliance with local regulations. Every US-based project is assigned to an ATA accredited translator, or any region-specific equivalent. We also transcribe and translate video depositions. Here are some (not all) of the legal documents that we translate:

  • checkLegal contracts
  • checkCourt transcripts
  • checkWitness statements
  • checkAffidavits
  • checkExpert opinions
  • checkLitigation documents
  • checkCourt orders
  • checkJudgments
  • checkRegulatory filings
  • checkPatent documents

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