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A new client recently approached Tomedes looking for the translation of several of her company's IT documents from English to Russian

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English to Russian IT translation

August 31, 2016

A new client recently approached Tomedes looking for the translation of several of her company’s IT documents from English to Russian. The business had added a new Russian team to its operational workforce and needed to ensure that everyone was able to understand and use their software. 

With the proliferation of the freelance workforce and the increasing impact of new technologies on the way businesses operate and are structured, companies with teams that cross national boundaries in this way are becoming increasingly common. Such arrangements often need to be backed up with paperwork in two (or more) languages, as was the case for this client. 

At Tomedes we have a network of more than 5,000 professional human translators spread around the world, so we were quickly and easily able to find the ideal Russian translator for this job. Our business model means that we always seek to match the backgrounds of our translators with our clients’ jobs – so for this job we used our leading Russian translator who was experienced at working on technology and communications documents. 

The client had asked for our desktop publishing team to typeset each of her documents and has also asked for the translator to provide a localization service as part of his work. We were most happy to meet both of these requirements, taking the stress out of the translation process for the client. 

We also ensured that each of the IT documents was assessed by our quality assurance team, so that we were certain they were 100% accurate before passing them to the client. This routine step helps to maintain our reputation for accuracy and gives us the confidence to offer a one year guarantee on all of the translations that we produce. 

The client was delighted with the end result – her translations meant that she was able to progress the induction of her company’s new team and ensure that the business continued to operate successfully during its period of expansion. 

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