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Win the game in the global gaming market with Tomedes' premier gambling and casino translation services. Our industry-expert team delivers fast, cost-effective translations in over 150 languages, ensuring your content resonates with players worldwide. Reach new markets and boost your revenue. Get your free quote today and start winning bigger!

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Gambling is a major global operation today, whether in the form of online poker or high-class casino resorts around the world. Millions around the world are ready to place their wagers, which is why providing clients with the best gambling experience is a service in high demand.

We provide gambling and casinos translation services that will give your operation the style and credibility befitting the high stakes at play. Reach a betting audience of millions in over 150 languages. Gaming apps, marketing collateral, lottery documents, and anything related to casinos and gambling will be in the hands of our professional language dealers who know the industry’s rules and terminology inside and out. When it comes to gambling translation services at Tomedes, we leave nothing to chance.

Our Casino and Gambling Translation Services Include

Transform your casino's international customer experience with our expert gambling translation services.

Labels & Instructions

Players will not join a game if they don’t know the rules. Encourage them with properly labeled machines and clear instructions. Our linguists turn to their expertise to transform even the most complicated of rules into easy-to-follow solutions. Accurate and user-friendly, our labels and instructions translations help shift the odds in your players’ favor.


Website Translation

The online casino market rakes in about $50 million every year. Grab a bigger slice of the prize pool by translating your casino and gambling website to reach more people. At Tomedes, not only are we linguistic experts, but we also pull out the playbook for optimal engagement by implementing unbeatable strategies like SEO and prime target localization.


App Translation

Aside from websites, apps are becoming a popular way to make bets. We can handle all the aspects of translating your gambling app—from UI and instructions to code documentation—without ever breaking a sweat. You can depend on our tech-savvy team and experienced native linguists to deliver a fast and comprehensive app translation, making you the true winner.


Marketing Translation

There are millions of gambling operations out there today, and all of them are vying for clients’ attention. So, how can you make yourself stand out? With the help of our marketing specialists and top-notch translations, you can be sure to attract an international audience. All our marketing translations blend creativity and precision for optimal engagement.


Financial Documents

In the world of high-stakes play, money changes hands as quick as a roll of dice. Our translators specializing in finance can play just as fast without compromising quality and accuracy, meaning zero worries for your clients. This financial expertise among our linguistics team also includes numbers translation, to ensure correct quantities are always in play.


Legal Documents

Rigorous compliance with laws and regulations is what sets a respectable gambling operation apart from the rest. Tomedes quickly eases the complications related to international conditions with our impeccable legal translation services. We translate all casino & gambling-related legal documents to ensure that your clients can play to their hearts’ content.


Why are translation services needed in the casino & gambling industry?

There’s more to setting up a respectable world-class casino & gambling operation than dealing a deck of cards. Clients come in from around the world and want to have the best game experience on offer, and that requires a lot of work upfront and behind the scenes to pull off. Language plays a major part in bringing that experience to fruition, from ads and promos up to the moment they cash out, requiring the hands of an expert gambling and casinos translation company.

Comprehensive Suite of Casino & Gambling Translation Solutions

We at Tomedes are up to the challenge of providing both real-world and online gambling translation services at all points of interest with our network of 20,000+ language professionals operating in over 150 languages and 950+ language pairs. Here are some more of the services we provide:

Other Language Services

Don’t see the specific gambling translation services that you need? Contact us with your requirements, and we’ll deal you a customized solution for all your language needs.

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