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Succeed at going global with Tomedes’ globalization consulting services. Learn how our strategic planning and multilingual, international business solutions can help you.

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Globalization Consulting Services for Businesses that Want to Conquer New Markets

Tomedes’ globalization consulting services exist to help your business succeed internationally. With a global market at your fingertips, the opportunities are immense. We support you to harness those opportunities, entering new international marketplaces with confidence.

Our globalization consulting experts are here to support you every step of the way.

Why is globalization important? We believe it’s important because it allows people and companies to interconnect. Cultural, political and economic integration can benefit us all. They can also have a major impact on the success of your business. We want to help you maximise that success.

What is the impact of globalization? In business terms, globalization means that you can sell your products and services in new marketplaces. Let us show you how.

Language services

Our international business strategy work always has languages at the core. Tomedes’ globalization consulting experts have access to a worldwide network for translators, interpreters and other linguists, so whichever language(s) you need to communicate in, we can help.

If you want your business to succeed internationally, you need to connect with customers in their own language. Our globalization consulting service shows you how to do so in a way that respects local dialects and linguistic quirks, so that your marketing materials and other documents always have the desired impact.

Whether you have an internal language team or prefer to rely solely on external resources, our globalization consulting team will ensure you have the ideal structures and strategies in place to meet your language-related needs.

Connecting with people through globalization consulting

Globalization is, at its core, about connecting people. We can help you connect with your potential customers in the right way – in a way that respects local cultures, beliefs, politics, religion and more. Our wide range of language, content, process and technology resources mean that we can create robust strategies for businesses looking to connect with people in vastly different cultures.

We can also get you started with people of your own, from individual distributors to entire staff teams based in the locations that you want to expand into. As an established provider of business to business staffing and recruiting services, we are adept at helping you reach the people you need in the locations you need.

Our globalization consulting experts develop business strategies that are unique to each client’s goals. We help shape your requirements in the way that works best for you.

Enhancing the impact of globalization through process

The processes that you use as part of your international business strategy can have a major impact on your success in breaking into new marketplaces.

At Tomedes, we believe that good processes are immensely valuable. Use our globalization consulting services to learn how to embed processes that will contribute to you achieving your goals smoothly and efficiently.

Running an international organisation is not without its challenges. Your staff teams, operations, marketing materials and more will likely need to be localized for each area of service delivery. Carefully crafted processes are the backbone that holds all of that together.

That’s why Tomedes’ globalization consulting experts will walk you through every step of creating the right processes for your internationally expanding business. We can work with you on:

  • Financial and legal processes that take account of the requirements of different countries and ensure you meet all of your responsibilities in those jurisdictions.
  • Staffing processes that factor in local cultural considerations.
  • Training and development processes that ensure that all of your team members have the knowledge they need to represent your organisation in the right way, no matter where in the world they may be based.
  • Customer service processes that provide you with the structure you need to develop a loyal, satisfied customer base around the globe.

All of our strategies for businesses take local considerations into account. That means you can relax in the knowledge that your processes meet local legal and operational requirements in each marketplace. We worry about localizing your processes so that you don’t have to.

Using technology to bring the benefits of globalization to your business

Our business strategies harness the power of technology to help your company operate and communicate effectively. Whether you’re simply marketing and selling products overseas or delivering complex services with numerous international teams, our globalization consulting service works to ensure you have the right solutions in place.

Technology can do incredible things when it comes to facilitating international expansion. But a technological misstep can mean you don’t operate as effectively as you should – and end up paying over the odds to do so.

Tomedes’ globalization consulting experts will help you find the right solutions for your business, so that you can use technology to grow and flourish. Our technological expertise covers everything from communication tools to translation management platforms. We develop digital ecosystems that can save you time and money and pave the way for your business to operate in the marketplaces of tomorrow, as well as those of today.


Content business strategies

Our globalization services don’t start and end with consulting. We’re also happy to roll up our sleeves and get stuck in to your content globalization needs.

Content globalization is rarely an easy task. So much of what we write reflects local attitudes, biases and cultural nuances. The language that we use also tends to be ethnocentric, from idioms to popular culture references.

Successful content strategies will work both to internationalize your content and to localize it. The former strips out local references and nuances, while the latter puts them back in – but with a focus on localizing the content to meet the needs of the target audience. As such, your marketing materials can look very different for different markets, while conveying the same fundamental message.

We are here to provide you with the attention to detail that your content deserves. We can work to globalize your existing content or provide you with new content in multiple languages, shaped to meet the needs of multiple audiences.

Our translation, localization and transcreation services help you to deliver your messages in the right way. Doing so is key to making the right kind of impact in new marketplaces and to winning new customers.

Maximise the impact of globalization with our globalization consulting services

We are here to help your business grow. If you want to connect with new audiences in the right way, let our globalization consulting experts help. Contact Tomedes today to start discussing international business strategies that will empower you to expand your brand.

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