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Expand your app's reach and success in global markets with Tomedes' extensive app localization services. Our team of seasoned professional linguists and experts conduct app localizations methodically. Our rich network of professionals allows us to engage with any and all industries. Coupled with our dedicated 24/7 customer support, each project sails smoothly. Efficient and reliable is our way, Get a free quote today.

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Unlock Global Success: Comprehensive App Localization

App localization services require professional native translators, editors, and engineers to ensure a seamless transition. It is crucial for expanding your app's reach and success in global markets. Adapting your app's content, design, and functionality to the cultural preferences of your target audiences enhances user experience and engagement. This ultimately leads to wider adoption, increased downloads, and better user retention – the keys to your app’s growth and profitability.

We conduct app localizations through a systematic approach that includes analysis, language and cultural adaptation, user interface localization, technical adjustments, and rigorous testing. Our team of professional linguists and experts ensures accurate translations and seamless functionality. We also provide ongoing support for updates and improvements, helping your app stay competitive and relevant in global markets.

Expert, Innovative, and Client-Centric App Localization Service

Expert Linguistic Services

Our professional linguists ensure accurate translations and cultural adaptations, addressing language nuances and maintaining your app's original intent and tone.

User Interface Adaptation

We localize your app's user interface, considering layout, design elements, and graphics to provide an engaging and culturally relevant experience for users.

Technical Localization

Our team adjusts date, time, and currency formats, as well as other technical aspects, ensuring smooth app functionality in the target market.

Strict Quality Testing

We conduct thorough testing and quality assurance, identifying and resolving any potential issues or inconsistencies in the localized app for optimal user experience.

Industry Specific Expertise

Our vast network of experienced expert translators allows us to work on any application content such as ecommerce, health, communication, mobile games, and everything in between.

Ongoing Support

We provide continuous support for updates, improvements, and further localization needs, helping your app remain competitive and relevant in international markets.

Every Component of Application Localization

To effectively penetrate global markets, it's essential to adapt your app's components for different regions. The following list highlights critical elements to consider when localizing your app for an international audience:

  • checkUI elements
  • checkDate formats
  • checkCurrency formats
  • checkString handling
  • checkInput methods
  • checkSearching algorithms
  • checkAudio elements
  • checkRegulatory requirements
  • checkMarketing materials
  • checkCustomer support

For All Platforms

iOS App Localization

When localizing iOS apps, compatibility across devices, such as iPhones and iPads, is vital. Adapting your app for the App Store, including metadata and screenshots, ensures a user-friendly experience. Our app localization services help you navigate these complexities, delivering tailored solutions that drive international success and user satisfaction.

Android App Localization

Android app localization demands attention to compatibility across a wide range of devices and manufacturers. Proper adaptation for the Google Play Store, including metadata and visuals, is crucial for a seamless user experience. Our app localization services expertly navigate these challenges, providing customized solutions to fuel global success and user engagement.


Localizing apps for alternative platforms, such as Windows, Linux, or web-based apps, requires tailored solutions that consider specific requirements and user expectations. By leveraging our localization services, you can ensure seamless experiences on all platforms, extending your app's reach and maximizing your potential for success in diverse markets.

Essential Components for Mobile App Translation

To effectively expand your brand's global presence, it's crucial to localize various content types. This ensures that your products and services resonate with diverse audiences. Below is a comprehensive list of elements to consider for a successful localization strategy:

  • checkUser interface text
  • checkIn-app content
  • checkMarketing and advertising materials
  • checkProduct descriptions
  • checkUser manuals and guides
  • checkLegal documents and contracts
  • checkPrivacy policies and terms of service
  • checkHelp desk and support content
  • checkSocial media content
  • checkSEO and keyword optimization
  • checkVideo and audio translations
  • checkBrand messaging and tone of voice

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