Everything You Need to Know About Translation Memory
translation memory

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It will focus on translation memory, its application and benefits to those in the translation industry.

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The Impact of the Metaverse in the Translation Industry
metaverse impact

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Meta is working on artificial intelligence for metaverse translation.

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The Impact of the Probable Recession in 2022 on the Translation Industry
recession translation industry

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No one can say for sure how bad it will be or how long it will last, but there is growing consensus that we are headed for recession in 2022.

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Google Translate Expansion Opens Up Machine Translation Vs Human Translation Debate Once More
Illustration - human vs machine translation

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Google Translate is now available in 24 additional languages, which has reopened the human translation vs machine translation debate. Click to discover which suits you best.

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How Do You Achieve the ISO Standard for Translation Services?

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What is the ISO standard for translation services and how do providers achieve it? This article answers all your ISO translation queries.

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Customer & Vendor Alert: Someone Is Running a Scam and They’re Using the Tomedes Name

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There’s a lot of online scams going on right now. Unfortunately, we at Tomedes are alerting you to be aware of groups running a fraudulent scheme using the company’s name—this is not us.

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A Very Brief History of Translation

CATEGORY / Translation news


What do you know about the history of translation? Click to discover the origins of the craft.

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Machine Translation Trends in 2022 and Beyond

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Check out the machine translation trends of the future with in our latest article.

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Interpretation In This Year's Summer Olympics In Tokyo, Japan

CATEGORY / Translation news


This article talks about the meaning, significance, and history of interpretation for the Tokyo, Japan Olympics for this year.

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Key Translation Industry Trends for 2021 and Beyond
Illustration - trend arrows

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The translation industry is changing rapidly. Click to discover key trends for 2021.

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