10 Cyber Monday Deals for Translators

CATEGORY / Translation news


Are you looking to make a saving this Cyber Monday? Then check out these deals!

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15 Black Friday Deals for Translators

CATEGORY / Translation news


Are you ready to shop on Black Friday? If so, check out these deals!

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The world's 20 scariest novels

CATEGORY / Translation news


Do you like that feeling of chills tingling down your spine when you read? Read on if you dare!

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Lost in Translation: Communication at the Rugby World Cup 2019

CATEGORY / Translation news


What does it take to deliver an event on the scale of the Rugby World Cup?

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Deepfake Videos: An Issue for Video Translators and Voiceover Artists?

CATEGORY / Translation news


Have you come across deepfake videos yet in your translation work? If not, it's only a matter of time!

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Has Greta Thunberg Just Won the Nobel Peace Prize with Her Rhetoric?

CATEGORY / Translation news


Greta Thunberg has mobilised millions of people with her school strike for climate change. Is it enough for a Nobel Peace Prize?

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Top 20 translation blogs

CATEGORY / Translation news


Do you love translation in all its forms? If so, check out these superb translation blogs!

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When advertising translation goes wrong – localization fails from around the world

CATEGORY / Translation news


Localization can mean the difference between global success and becoming a laughing stock. Which did these companies achieve?

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Top translation interview: meet English-Hebrew translator, Israel

CATEGORY / Translation news


Next in our interview series, legal and financial translator Israel shares his views on the importance of professional translation

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Understanding history through translation – a glimpse at Medieval Ireland's medical knowledge

CATEGORY / Translation news


An exciting new find has proved 15th century links between Medieval Ireland and the Middle East, all thanks to a hidden translation

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