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Tomedes is your trusted partner for scalable software translation services, with expert linguists covering over 150 languages worldwide. We offer comprehensive solutions to elevate your software for a global audience. Join esteemed organizations worldwide that entrust their software localization needs to us. Let’s take your product to new regions - explore our services today.

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What is software localization and why is it important

Software localization goes beyond mere translation - it involves adapting your software to suit the cultural nuances, technical requirements, and language specifics of your target market. This process is crucial to ensure your software resonates with users globally, offering an intuitive and engaging experience, irrespective of their locale.

At Tomedes, we provide comprehensive software localization. Our approach guarantees linguistic precision, cultural sensitivity, and a keen understanding of your software's technical aspects. We ensure your software feels local in any language, fostering enhanced user engagement and success in global markets.

Why Choose Us

Localization Experts

We employ locally present, native-speaking translators, adept at localizing your software to resonate culturally with the target audience.

Mastering UI & UX

Beyond text, our translation services focus on ensuring native-feeling user interface and user experience, backed by advanced CAT tools.

Consistent Terminology

We use glossaries and translation memory to maintain consistency in technical terminology, enhancing understanding and preserving language integrity.

Version Control

We use robust project management tools to effectively manage translations across different software versions, ensuring smooth updates and consistency.

Scalable Solutions

Our scalable software translation solutions handle any project size or complexity, supported by post-editing and CAT tools for fast, quality turnarounds.


Balancing cost and quality, we leverage translation memory and post-editing to reduce translation time, offering cost-effective, high-quality solutions.

Kickstart Your Software Localization Journey

At Tomedes, our clients are at the core of our mission. With our competitively priced software translation service, you get an assurance of swift 15-minute responses to queries, 24/7 support, and an unwavering year-long warranty on project accuracy.

Comprehensive Software Localization Spectrum

Navigating software language translation services is our forte. Skilled in handling all file formats and platforms, we're equipped with integrations and partnerships with connectors and translation management systems. No matter your software, we're here to facilitate seamless translation.

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Tailor-Made Localization Process for Your Software

Custom Glossary Creation

Crucial to our translation services is the creation of a custom glossary. By cataloging identical and related text lines, we establish a specialized reference for your industry, saving time and cost in future translations.

Precise Translation & Editing

Combining automation with human expertise, we meticulously translate glossary items. Multiple reviews assure cultural suitability, technical accuracy, and user-friendly language.

Fine-Tuned UI Adaptation

The complexity of adapting text strings to the user interface is skillfully handled by our team. With expertise in interface design, software comprehension, and translation, we implement several iterative rounds to achieve an ideal outcome.

Rigorous QA Testing

Unlike many software translation companies, we offer quality assurance testing. Employing automation, we systematically assess all variables ensuring localized users easily understand and appreciate your software fully.

Efficient Project Delivery

At Tomedes, we ensure timely, budget-friendly project delivery. Beyond that, we support your "soft" alpha and beta testing pre-launch. Choose us as your software translation partner for the attention and care you deserve.

Diverse Industry Expertise in Software Translation

As a seasoned software translation agency, we possess a comprehensive understanding of various industries. Leveraging industry-specific terminologies and linguistic nuances, we deliver relatable experiences for global users across sectors like Technology, Gaming, E-commerce, Education, Life Sciences, Automotive, Telecommunications, Finance and Fintech, Manufacturing, and Legal.

Unleash Your Software Globally with Our Broad Language Coverage

With Tomedes, navigate the international market confidently. Our network of specialized translators covers 150+ languages, ready to support projects of any scale. Here are the most popular languages we cater to:

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