You Spoke, We Listened: Discover the Latest MT Comparator Updates

May 2, 2023
You Spoke, We Listened: Discover the Latest MT Comparator Updates

Two weeks ago, we revealed our latest innovation on a comparison tool that uses the latest cutting-edge technology to translate, analyze, and rank a variety of machine translation outputs. After months of research (and a lot of sweat and tears from our team), we are proud to finally provide our colleagues in the translation and localization industry an instrument that is meant to streamline workflow and empower the decision-making process.

A Tool for You

We know nothing can ever replace the human touch, but we strive to make your life as a language professional easier by providing you with the resources to boost efficiency and simplify the translation process. So, thank you so much for your precious feedback regarding this new MT comparator! Here are just some of the wonderful comments we received:

“Excellent! Your website can be excellent for translation students! Much respect from my side!”

“It's really helpful to find terms on different MT sites.”

“It’s a great multi source phrase dictionary! I’m impressed! It doesn’t eliminate the need for translators, just gives you the best options quicker. Awesome!”

“It gives more options and the analysis at the end is awesome.”

Room for Improvement

But, let’s be honest, the best insights we could have got were those that weren’t so glowing. Your questions, concerns, and comments about the tool really allowed us to take a look at what needed to be improved. 

So we did just that.

The Latest Features

We are excited to announce that the MT comparator tool now has two new features to improve the workflow and facilitate the translation process! These are:

A Toggle Between Source & Target Languages

Language is a dynamic thing–and use of it is, too! That’s why we have now given you the option to switch back and forth between the source and target language. You can now double-check the outcome of any machine translation and speed up the overall communication process. There are currently 75 languages you can work with in both the source and target language, with more coming soon!

MT Engine Identification in the Analysis

To simplify the evaluation process of each MT engine, we have categorized the different outputs and added a title with the name of each one used. That way, you can see which MT tool fits best with your intention in just a glimpse. The final evaluation also identifies the engine by name and presents the information clearly, in the order of the different MT tools used.

What’s to come?

Our team is currently working on even more features, which will help users of all kinds create appropriate content for a wide range of objectives. We can’t spill the beans just yet, so stay tuned to learn these details in the upcoming days. Improving the functionality, ergonomy, and aesthetics of the tool are also some of our major aims. Because we want to create something that is easy and convenient for you, we would love to hear any tips, suggestions, or feedback that you might have for us. So, check out and give the MT comparator a whirl!

By Natalie Worden

Natalie Worden is a freelance translator, copywriter, and localization specialist. She holds a master’s degree in professional and literary translation from the Institut de Traducteurs, d'Interprètes et de Relations Internationales at the University of Strasbourg.



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