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Localize your website to effectively penetrate various international markets. With Tomedes, you can rest easy knowing that localized content is culturally appropriate, accurately translated, and handled by native industry experts. We provide comprehensive website localization services that utilize the best and latest technologies available. Contact our 24/7 contact support anytime to get started with a free quote.

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Website localization is crucial for businesses targeting global audiences. It ensures that content is culturally appropriate, accurately translated, and tailored to specific regions or languages. Properly done localizations help improve user experience, engagement, and brand perception. Premium should be given to publishing content that resonates with diverse audiences – ultimately allowing businesses to expand their reach, improve conversion rates, and foster stronger customer connections worldwide. 


At Tomedes, we follow a comprehensive process when localizing websites that guarantees good SEO practices, well- designed UI, and legal compliance. Our seasoned native linguists and industry experts ensure accurate translations and cultural appropriateness. We take regional nuances to heart, and take it a step further by optimizing for local search engines. Innovative and customer-centric, we provide immaculate localization solutions that help businesses connect with their target market seamlessly.

Website Localization Company that Connects You to Global Audiences

Culturally Sensitive Translation

Our expert linguists provide accurate translations for website content, ensuring clear communication across languages by taking cultural nuances into account. This cultivates a user experience that would help you connect with international customers more effectively.

Agile Project Delivery

Tomedes prioritizes timely project completion, meeting tight deadlines without compromising quality. Our efficient workflows and dedicated project managers enable you to launch your localized website quickly and confidently.

Ongoing Support

Our commitment extends beyond project completion. We offer ongoing support, assisting with updates, adjustments, or concerns as your website evolves to meet the needs of your growing international audience.

Scalable and Industry-specific

Our translators specialize in industry-specific terminology and jargon, ensuring that your localized website content accurately depicts your expertise and authority. Tomedes has you back whether you operate in e-commerce, education, real estate, or anything in between. 

Legally Compliant

We put a premium in understanding the legal intricacies of various regions when it comes to website localizations. Our team ensures that your website content adheres to all legal requirements, protecting you from potential issues and ensuring that your website is accessible to your target audience.

Modern and Innovative

At Tomedes, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of modern and innovative translation practices. We use the latest translation technologies and tools to deliver high-quality translations efficiently. By combining cutting-edge technologies with human expertise, accurate and effective localizations are guaranteed.

We Localize Every Component of Your Website

At our website localization service, we understand the importance of creating a seamless and engaging user experience for your global audience. To achieve this, we meticulously adapt every aspect of your website to ensure it resonates with visitors from various cultural, linguistic, and regional backgrounds. Our team of experienced professionals works closely with you to address not only the language translation but also the cultural nuances, design elements, and technical requirements that come with website localization.

  • checkText content
  • checkMetadata
  • checkImages
  • checkVideos
  • checkForms
  • checkUser interface
  • checkLegal content
  • checkDate formats
  • checkPayment gateways
  • checkCurrency and units

Key Technical Processes for Our Website Localization

Website localization service providers use various technical processes to ensure that websites are effectively translated and adapted for different languages, cultures, and regions. Here is a list of some key technical processes involved:

Massive Content Extraction from CMS

 Retrieving and organizing all the content from a website's CMS to prepare it for translation and localization.

File Format Conversion

Converting files into formats that are compatible with translation management tools, such as XML, HTML, or JSON.

Translation Memory Integration

Leveraging translation memories to improve translation efficiency and consistency across the localized website.

Terminology Management

Creating and maintaining glossaries of key terms and phrases specific to the industry or client to ensure consistent and accurate translations.

Localization Testing

Generating dummy translations to test the website's adaptability to different languages, character sets, and text directions.

Internationalization Auditing

Assessing the website's code and structure to ensure compatibility with multiple languages, regions, and cultural preferences.

Localization Quality Assurance

Conducting thorough reviews of the localized content to verify translation accuracy, cultural appropriateness, and technical functionality.

Right-to-Left Language Support

Adapting the website's layout and design to accommodate languages that are written from right to left, such as Arabic, Hebrew, or Persian.

Multimedia Localization

Translating and localizing images, videos, and other multimedia elements, including subtitles, captions, and voiceovers.

Content Integration

Reintegrating translated and localized content back into the CMS, ensuring proper formatting and functionality.

SEO Optimization

Adapting the localized website for search engines, including keyword research, meta tag adjustments, and URL translations.

Browser and Device Compatibility Testing

Ensuring that the localized website functions smoothly across various browsers, devices, and operating systems.

Beyond Localizing Your Website

In order to effectively reach your ideal audiences, you must consider all your resources apart from just your website. By localizing your other assets, you can more effectively enhance brand perception – ultimately translating to greater divvies. Here's a list of assets that you could consider localizing as well: 

  • checkAdvertisements
  • checkBrochures and catalogs
  • checkSocial media content
  • checkEmail campaigns
  • checkPress releases
  • checkVideo marketing
  • checkInfographics
  • checkWebinars and presentations
  • checkProduct packaging and labels
  • checkEvent materials
  • checkNewsletters

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