Best Free Video Editing Software – 2019 Review

December 18, 2019
Best Free Video Editing Software – 2019 Review

How up to date is your video editing software? If you translate videos for a living, using the right software can help you to use your time more effectively and also make that time more enjoyable. That means that your video translation work can be more fun and more profitable, all thanks to the free video editing software that you use. And who wouldn’t want that?

To help you make best use of your time, we’ve rounded up some of the top free video editing software for 2019, in our look back over what’s been available throughout the year. 

For those who are also looking out for translation tools, including some great free options, the article below will also be of interest. 

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Best Free Video Editing Software for Video Translators

If you’re looking to edit video for free, you have plenty of software options to choose from. As technology continues to evolve, more and more software that was once only available to those with a small fortune is becoming freely available online. Video editing software is a case in point. You no longer have to cash in your life savings in order to enjoy the best video editing software! Take a look at these superb examples, all of which are completely free, to see what we mean. 


If you want to edit video for free on your desktop or laptop, Blender is the ideal way to do so. This open source free video editing software does everything you need it to, from cuts and splicing to video masking. It’s available for Windows, Mac and Linux and is well suited to beginners.

Blender is also a great piece of software for those with more advanced needs. It provides speed control, keyframes, filters, adjustment layers, transitions, audio mixing, syncing, a live preview option, histogram displays, chroma vectorscope, luma waveform and waveform visualisation. It also offers up to 32 slots for video, audio, images and effects. This is a comprehensive piece of software for those who take their work seriously. 

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If all those features have left you feeling a little lost, don’t fret! If you’re new to video editing or just want to do a basic video edit, software free of fancy features is also available. Take Video Pad, for instance. The free version for Mac and PC users allows you to do basic editing, then export your video as a WMV or AVI file. It’s straightforward to use and should meet the needs of those just trying their hand at video editing to get a feel for the process. 

Story Remix

If you have a Windows 10 device, you’ll already have Story Remix, as it comes pre-loaded. This is another great option for beginners, allowing you to build videos as you learn (the multiple ‘undo’ feature really comes into its own here!). The software is pretty basic but, like VideoPad, it’s a good starting point if you’re just trying to discover the video editing craft. 

HitFilm Express

If you’re after features that allow you to do more than the basics, with an intuitive interface that’s a joy to use, it’s definitely worth checking out HitFilm Express. This free video editing software is one of 2019’s best options. Features include enhanced preview options, animation keyframing, 3D video support, advanced cutting tools, motion blur, advanced composite shot masking, keying for green screen effects, a range of workspaces and several export features – enough to keep even seriously ambitious video editors happy. 

One other notable feature of HitFilm Express is its website. It’s well worth checking out the engaging videos in order to learn new techniques and see how the professionals do things. This is an excellent resource for those looking to hone their video editing talents. 


Another option for those looking for an advanced piece of free video editing software is Lightworks. If you need high precision video trimming and multicam support, look no further! Lightworks supports a decent range of file formats and also allows you to export to 720p for YouTube, should you need to. 


If you’re an Apple fan, then iMovie could be the free video editing tool for you. An integral part of Mac OS, it features a wonderfully intuitive interface, just as you would expect from an Apple product. It has some good basic features, including 4K resolution support, video trimming, audio editing and split screen and it’s a doddle to learn. If you’re looking to undertake more complex video editing tasks, this might not be the right choice for you, but if you’re after something solid and easy to use while you master the basics, then iMovie has a lot going for it. 


If you’ve already used iMovie, then Openshot is a good next step, with a drag and drop interface that should feel a little familiar. Available for Windows, Mac and Linux, it’s a feature-packed piece of software that will allow you to edit videos for free to your heart’s content. Well, almost. 

Notable features include unlimited layers, image overlays, compositing, watermarks, a host of titling and subtitling features (particularly useful if you’re undertaking video translation tasks), clip resizing, trimming, rotation, snapping and much more. Openshot’s live preview functionality is also particularly good. 


Another free video editor for Windows, Mac and Linus, Shotcut is fully open source and packed with handy features. Want to edit 4K video? No problem! In need of native timeline editing? Shotcut has you covered. 

It doesn’t have the most intuitive of interfaces, but if you’re prepared to learn the ropes then there are plenty of rewards in store for you when you use Shotcut, as well as some excellent demo videos to help you learn. A serious contender for those looking for a powerful video editor at no cost. 

Free Video Editing Software for 2020

With another year almost upon us, the Tomedes team will continue to look out for new, free video editing software options. 2020’s free video editors are bound to offer even more exciting features, so we’ll check them out and let you know what we think. After all, we like to do all we can to assist those who help to provide our wide selection of translation services to clients around the globe! 

If you have a free video editing software 2019 recommendation – or, indeed, a free video editing software 2020 recommendation – then please leave details in the comments section below. We’ll take a look and, if we’re impressed, include it in our review next time we update this article. 

By Ofer Tirosh

Ofer Tirosh is the founder and CEO of Tomedes, a language technology and translation company that supports business growth through a range of innovative localization strategies. He has been helping companies reach their global goals since 2007.



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