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A regular client recently approached Tomedes regarding the certified translation of his financial papers from Brazilian Portuguese to US English.

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Perfect Portuguese Translation

February 01, 2017

A regular client recently approached Tomedes regarding the certified translation of a batch of financial papers from Brazilian Portuguese to US English. He has used our service over several years, for ad hoc translations to assist with both his personal and his professional activities. 

For clients such as this one, who run cross-border services and deal with customers in two languages, a professional translation service is an excellent resource. In the case of this client, his spoken English is excellent, but his writing skills don’t quite match up. As such, when it comes to formal paperwork relating to his business, Tomedes is there to provide the support that he needs to ensure that his English-language paperwork looks just as professional as that written in his native Portuguese. 

For this particular job, the documents were detailed financial papers that required a translator with a keen eye for detail and a sound knowledge of financial matters. With more than 5,000 professional translators on our books, finding the perfect person for the job wasn’t a problem! 

We quickly and efficiently translated the client’s papers into flawless US English, and our desktop publishing service ensured that the English versions looked just the same as the Portuguese ones. 

As ever, the client was delighted both with the quality of our translations and with the speed of our work. The excellent value for money of the Tomedes service also didn’t go unnoticed! It is this combination of factors (high quality translations, speedy service and value for money) that keeps clients such as this gentleman coming back to Tomedes for their translations time and time again. 

For all your business translation needs, as well as the translation of personal documents, Tomedes is here to help. Let our team of professional translators help you and your business communicate with the world – contact us today

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