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Professional Japanese translation

June 27, 2018

Recently, a client called on Tomedes to translate his magazine articles from English to Japanese.

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Professional Vietnamese Translation

June 24, 2018

A recent client needed Vietnamese translation in order to share a range of educational materials with young people in Vietnam

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Professional Japanese translation

June 20, 2018

A recent Tomedes client needed her birth certificate translated from Japanese to US English.

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Arabic to English literary translation

June 17, 2018

Recently, a new client contacted Tomedes about the literary translation of her novel from Arabic to English.

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English to Punjabi business email translation

June 13, 2018

A recent client asked Tomedes to support his business venture by providing English to Punjabi translation for a series of emails.

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English to Tibetan video translation

June 10, 2018

A recent client asked Tomedes for a video translation service, to convert her video from English to Tibetan.

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English to Korean marketing and educational translation

June 06, 2018

A Tomedes client needed documents translated from English to Korean in order to share the educational courses she had developed with new audiences.

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Slovak to English legal translation

June 02, 2018

A recent client needed a Slovak translation of a legal agreement so that he could understand it in his native English.

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Mandarin to English software translation

May 30, 2018

A recent Tomedes client was looking to recreate the success of her Chinese-language software by developing an English-language version.

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English to Swedish legal translation

May 27, 2018

A recent client asked Tomedes to undertake a legal translation for his website, from English to Swedish.

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