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Tomedes provides Swedish legal translation service for a range of official and personal needs such as dispute resolution, intellectual property, and court releases. Our professional translators have the language and industry experience required to deliver accurate and reliable Swedish legal translations. Please find below examples of the projects we have worked on over the years.

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Swedish to English Legal Document Translation

June 09, 2020

This page was last updated on December 9, 2022.

Tomedes regularly provides Swedish legal translation support to clients around the world. Our clients’ legal requirements vary hugely but one thing is consistent – each and every client needs timely, accurate translation. With legal translation, there is no room for error. 

The most recent client to call on our legal expertise needed her document translated from Swedish to English. We were delighted to be able to assist. 


Certified Swedish Legal Translation for Contracts

The client needed our Swedish legal document translation service in relation to a legal agreement that her company was seeking to enter into. She had asked for the services of a certified document translator, as she needed to show clearly that the English translation was a true and accurate representation of the Swedish original. 

This is precisely what certified document translation does. Tomedes is happy to provide a certificate of translation with any document that we deliver. This certificate serves as an official confirmation of the accuracy of the translation. 


Expert Translation for Various Documents

Over the years, Tomedes has delivered a wide range of professional document translation that included certified translation. We have certified medical documents, immigration paperwork, birth certificates and many, many other types of documents. Many of these have been used for official and/or legal purposes but not all of them. For Swedish legal translation specifically, you can find a further example of our translation work by clicking the link below. 

In the case of this client’s document, we knew that the accuracy of the translation was paramount. The document translation related to a legal agreement that would form the basis of a partnership spanning several years. As such, it was essential that it not only be perfectly translated, but that it be accompanied by a certificate of translation to confirm its accuracy. 

Our document translation makes it easy for clients to obtain a certificate of translation – all they have to do is ask! We are happy to certify translations of any length and on any topic. This is a standard part of the professional document translation work that we undertake, regardless of the type of translation or the language pairing that it involves.  

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Swedish Legal Translators and Interpreters are Important for Global Partnerships

Over the past decade and more, we have worked with some exceptionally talented linguists.Swedish legal document translation is a specialist service that requires outstanding language skills, expansive legal knowledge and exceptional attention to detail. As such, when we come across a legal translator who can deliver the whole package, we ensure that we establish a long-term working relationship, adding their expertise to our network in order that we can continue to serve clients with accurate legal document translations. 

Over the years, our professional Swedish legal translation services have helped clients in a wide range of situations. For some clients, our legal translation work has helped in resolving disputes. For others, as was the case with this particular client, our legal services have provided peace of mind when it comes to forming international partnerships.  

There have also been many occasions when our Swedish legal translation services have been required for use in courtroom settings. From family courts to criminal trials, legal translation can play a key role in the proceedings. It must, of course, be word-perfect. 

Legal interpretation is also used regularly in courtroom settings. As with professional translation for legal papers, the pressure is on for the interpreter’s delivery to be absolutely spot on. Indeed, there have been instances of cases collapsing entirely or having to be retried as a result of incompetent legal translation. That’s why it is essential to use an established, trusted language services provider for all of your legal translation and interpretation work – such as Tomedes! 


Our Swedish Legal Translators at your Service

For this client, our certified Swedish legal translator sprang into action. She worked carefully through the client’s legal document, translating the agreement from the original Swedish into flawless English. 

The client was delighted not only with the speed and quality of the translation but also with the translator’s attention to detail. There were a couple of points in the document where the original wording was slightly ambiguous and thus open on interpretation. The translator highlighted these instances to the client, so that she was in a position to address them prior to signing the agreement, in order to ensure that the legal wording was absolutely watertight in both languages. 


Language and Domain Experts

As well as exceptional legal knowledge, our translator for this job also needed to speak both Swedish and English fluently. As always, we used a native speaker of the target language to undertake the work, as this helps to ensure a high-quality translation each and every time.  

Our Swedish language translator is based in London and has been providing translation services for many years. Her reliable, professional Swedish to English translation service has a reputation for accuracy and timeliness – hence us selecting this particular Swedish translator for this client’s job. 

We carefully pair our translators with the work at hand in this way to ensure that each client has the right fit for their needs. In this case, that meant finding a professional Swedish translator with legal knowledge and the ability to work under pressure to meet a deadline without forfeiting the accuracy of the translation. When it comes to meeting translation needs such as this, Tomedes’ extensive network of professional linguists really comes into its own! 

Swedish to English legal translation is a service that we provide regularly to a range of corporate clients. A North Germanic language, Swedish has around nine million native speakers, most of whom are based in Sweden. It is considered to be one of the easiest languages for English speakers to learn, taking around 575-600 hours of study to achieve proficiency in speaking and reading. 


Importance of Quality Swedish to English Legal Translation

In providing our Swedish to English translation service for legal documents to this client, we were able to meet the client’s needs precisely, taking the stress out of her legal document translation. This meant that she was free to focus on other areas of her business while we dealt with her translation. 

Our Swedish translators are available to work on many other kinds of documents, as part of our comprehensive set of Swedish legal translation services. From video translations to marketing documents, we have the right skills and available to match with each job. 



Swedish is a fascinating language and one that many English speakers find to be a joy to learn. Our experienced linguists speak it fluently, alongside English, and are able to deliver high quality translations to tight deadlines. 


Do you have an unmet Swedish translation need? Or perhaps a legal document translation task that relates to a different foreign language? Either way, the Tomedes team is here to help. You can connect with us over the phone, by email or using the live chat service on our website. However you choose to reach out, we’ll be ready and waiting to produce a top notch translation for you.  


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