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Tomedes supported a recent client with an English to German pharmaceutical translation, showcasing our medical translation expertise

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English to German Medical Translation for Pharmaceuticals

June 02, 2020

The medical translation and interpretation team here at Tomedes has rarely been so busy. Clients around the world are in need of fast, accurate medical translation services as they race to respond to the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

However, the novel coronavirus outbreak hasn’t removed the need for the medical and pharmaceutical translation services that already existed before anyone outside of the scientific community had ever heard the word ‘coronavirus.’

Tomedes is still faithfully serving those clients, working with the medical community around the world to ensure that they can work as effectively as possible, regardless of national or language barriers. In a recent example of this, we worked with a client who needed an English to German medical translation for the pharmaceuticals sector. 

Professional Technical Translation 

When it comes to the medical and pharmaceutical industry, technical translation plays a key role in ensuring that businesses can operate as efficiently as possible. Given the nature of the work in question, it’s a service that can have a major impact on the end user – that is, those receiving treatment for a medical condition. 

We recently worked with a regular client to provide a technical translation of his pharmaceutical manual and other documentation. This kind of specialized translation, delivered by first-rate translators with knowledge of specialized terminology, requires a great deal of skill. 

This is why Tomedes takes great care in maintaining a network of professional translators around the globe. We match our translators carefully with each job so that it’s not only their language qualifications that match the job in hand, but their experience. This is essential when it comes to delivering accurate technical translation services. 

Medical Translation for a Global Community 

One can’t help but relate medical translation to the COVID-19 pandemic these days. The global nature of the coronavirus has meant that medical teams around the world are working together like never before. The fast sharing of accurate information through medical translations on everything from transmission to treatment has been an essential tool in attempting to combat the deadly outbreak. 

Yet medical translation services don’t start and end with COVID-19. In fact, there are all manner of instances when medical details are shared across language barriers. Some of these are purely clinical – that is, where two different healthcare teams share information about an illness, an incident or even a particular patient. 

In other cases, medical translation can facilitate communication between medical professionals and their patients, as well as the patients’ families. This kind of translation work is key both to treating individual patients and to delivering information to entire communities, particularly where medical professionals have been brought in to help tackle an outbreak of some kind. Medical interpretation can also be extremely useful in these cases, with the medical interpreter acting as a conduit for two-way conversation between medical professionals and those they are seeking to help. 

There are numerous other reasons why a medical translator might be needed. Have you ever fallen ill overseas? If so, you’ll know that it can be a daunting experience to suddenly find yourself in a healthcare system where you don’t speak the language. Not only is there the stress of undergoing treatment, but you also need to ensure smooth liaison between the hospital or doctor who is caring for you and your insurance company. Translation services are often a cornerstone of this process. 

Of course, medical translation covers many other needs too. If you need a prescription while you’re abroad, you might find yourself needing a medical translator before a chemist will dispense it. You can read more about medical prescription translation by clicking the link below. 

Read more: Medical Prescription Translation 

Accurate Pharmaceutical Translation Services 

The global market for pharmaceutical products topped a value of $1.2 trillion in 2018. Projections are that it will continue to achieve a compound annual growth rate of 4-5% over the coming years, and that’s before factoring in the COVID-19 outbreak! 

‘Big Pharma’ has plenty of money to spend and part of the reason for that is that medicinal products are often sold across national borders. Not only that but in many countries it is a legal requirement to provide information in multiple languages, with instructions on taking the product, potential side effects, how to dispose of any unused medicine and so forth all needing to undergo professional pharmaceutical translation before the product can be brought to market. 

In the case of our recent client, his company needed an English to German translation in order to sell his product overseas. This meant that he required a pharmaceutical translator with both outstanding language skills and industry-specific experience. We were delighted to be able to provide just such an individual. 

Here at Tomedes, we pride ourselves on the quality of our pharmaceutical translations. We understand just how important they are. After all, mis-translating the information in a medical health and safety leaflet could have dire consequences. That’s why we work hard to ensure that our pharmaceutical translation services aren’t just competitive on price but that they are also delivered to the highest standards. 

This particular client certainly appreciated our attention to detail. He was delighted with the quality of his translation, as well as with how quickly we were able to deliver it. 

English to German Translation Services for Business Clients

Our client needed his pharmaceutical documentation translated from English to German. This is a language pairing that we regularly translate here at Tomedes. English is the world’s second most spoken language by number of total speaker. German, meanwhile, is the most widely spoken native language in the EU. As such, English to German translations are often requested in order to keep international business flowing freely. 

For this reason, Tomedes works with a variety of professional linguists who translate from English to German and vice versa. In the case of this client, we needed an English to German translator with significant medical experience. With a wide network of translators to choose from, we quickly located the ideal individual for the job. 

Our chosen German translator is a consummate professional, having provided English to German translation services for many years. She brought years of relevant experience to the table and made quick work of the client’s document translation, including specialized terminology that would stump many people in one language, let alone two! 

The client was certainly appreciative of our translator’s abilities. Though far from fluent, he spoke enough German to be able to compare the English and German versions of his documentation – and liked what he saw! He is already planning to use Tomedes again for his next pharmaceutical translation job. 

Professional Translation at Your Fingertips

Whether you’re working in the medical sector or for an entirely different kind of organisation, you can count on Tomedes to deliver fast, accurate translation services that will allow you to get on with day to day operational matters. Our team of professional translators, interpreters, localization experts, multilingual copywriters and more have been carefully selected to meet all of your business-related needs, so why not try us out today? You can call, email or jump on a live chat with our team to find out more about how we can help your business succeed.  

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